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South-West Show

National South West AGS Show 2016
Plant sales area AGS South West Show The National South West Show organised by the Exeter group of the Alpine Garden Society took place on April 30th 2016. It combined with an excellent plant sale with nurseries attending from all over the south west of England and offering a wide range of good and often unusual plants. A picture of the sales area is shown here.The venue is West Exe College.

The pictures are from the show and were taken by Sue Horswood.

Part of the show bench. The show was a month later this year and this undoubtedly had an effect on both the numbers of entries and the nature of the exhibits. The usual large number and range of bulbous plants shown were not in evidence but we did have some interesting replacements in the form of, for example, alliums and trilliums. Some good irises were seen.

Androsace vandellii. Another group of plants that was significantly affected by the change of date. was the Primulaceae. There were very few actual primulas but one that did catch the eye was Primula henricii a picture of which is shown later. There were also relatively few androsaces however the magnificent specimen of Androsace vandellii shown here won the Farrer medal in a close contest with a very fine pan of Sebaea thomasii shown below.

Sebaea thomasii  



Sebaea thomasii.

Primula henricii  



The best of several specimens of Primula henricii.

Needlework display
Needlework display.  




At the 2016 show there was no artistic section. There was, however, an excellent photographic display by Jon Evans and the picture on the left shows a display of needlework (alpine flowers) by Jean Morris.

A winning entry in section B grown by Nickie Bitsc In the absence of Cyril Dart there were many fewer entries from local group members. Two entries which won firsts in section B for local group members are pictured here. Apologies to any other group members whose entries have been missed. It was disappointing that section C had no entries. We hope that in future shows some of our local members who support the local group show might take up the challenge and help to fill the show benches. Perhaps it will be better if we get a return to an earlier date. Sedum spathulifolium (right) was shown by Nickie Bitschi, the iris below by Richard Horswood.

Iris schachtii  



Iris schachtii, a winning entry in section B.

Richard Horswood with pictures from Sue Horswood.
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