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AGS Summer Show Mid West - July 2011

AGS Summer Show Mid West - Tewkesbury July 2011
After Eric’s trauma in having to find a new venue at the last minute the show went off well in somewhat unusual surroundings. Which ironically pleased practically everyone.  

The Farrer Medal went to a splendid Cyclamen purpurascens.  Unfortunately, flower this year was in shorter supply generally with a number of empty classes.  However, there is always something unusual to see.   For me, a beautiful Gentian saxosa was better than the usual Trachelim asperuloides (has there ever been a late show without several of these?) 

Bulbs were in very short supply.  The best was Androcymbium striatum grown from seed.  Otherwise virtually every entrant was a regular. 

Shrubs had fallen casualty to the winter, so to see Mitraria coccinea (from Chile) was a surprise as this cannot take too much frost.  Less of a surprise was Robin White’s gorgeous Daphne ‘Beanworth’. 

As usual there was a good display of Campanula.  Campanula ‘Covadonga’ has become a lot less common of late – why?  I also noted Campanula fragilis and a very attractive dark form of the ordinary Campanula cochlearfolia.  Also new to me Companula myrtifolia a tiny fragile thing. 

There are always new things.  Goodenia heteromera comes from Australia (is it really an Alpine?)  and oddest of all Pelargonium auritum ssp. carneum, which I would never have been able to identify. 

Finally it was worth examining the very clever miniature gardens – just two entries, but both excellent.

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