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AT Cleveland Show 2015

Miniature gardens at Cleveland show

Yesterday's Cleveland Show was well attended and there were some magnificent plants on the show bench, Don Peace was hard at work taking photographs, so keep an eye on your handbook for some of these.
The new miniature garden class attracted a lot of attention, much of it from members of the public. It will be a worthwhile addition to the programme, introducing an element of fun and helping to get non-members interested in our beautiful alpines.

Trough winner Members of the Cleveland Group planted up these troughs, which were placed on display and visitors to the show were invited to vote for their favourite.

We were pleased with the overall number of votes cast, the winner being trough 6, by several votes.

Runner up was trough 11.



Runner up

Runner up.  
Now where DID that gnome come from??

PCSOs The police pursuing their enquiries.

It was great to see these two young ladies so interested in the show.

Egg tree This unusual plant made its appearance at the show, and was much admired, maybe next year, if it appears again, we ought to hold a contest for naming it.


I must be yolking??  Eggsactly!

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