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Chesterfield and District

GardenUp Sheffield 7/8 June 2014 - Some Members Pictures

Photo's from Chris Lilley
Pictures from his garden, November 2011, after putting his plants 'to bed' for the winter.

Pictures taken by John Kirk
These were taken on the Monsall Trail in Chewdale on the 6th April 2011

International Conference
Chris Lilley with his Farrer & Forreset Medal winning Trilium Grandiflorum

Well done Chris

Pictures from the North Midland Show 2nd April 2011
7 Pictures taken by Ann Gibson


Three Pictures from Mike Bramley of his garden / greenhouse 27th March 2011 2011

Two pictures of

Biarum davisii

taken in the south of Crete - October 2010

by Mike Bramley


Biarum davisii

Garden Plant
Sanguinaria candensis  

Sanguinaria candensis


John Kirk's garden, April 2010.

Photographs taken by John Chaplain in the wild
Androsace Helvetica

on Mannlichen above Grindelwald

Gentiana Acaulis   'Arctic Fanfare'

Arnica Montana

above Zermatt


Gentiana Verna

above Zermatt

The Matterhorn

with Laburnam growing at 5000 ft in the foreground

Androsace Alpina

on top of Rothorn, Zermatt

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