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Tour of Garden - Part One - March 2010

We have many members overseas who, I imagine, are unlikely to manage a visit to our admin office and garden, based just outside Pershore, Worcestershire, so I am beginning the 2010 postings with a ‘guided tour’ of the garden.

These photos were all taken during March 2010 - a late spring for us following a fairly hard winter with several falls of snow.  When I started taking the photos, there was not much colour in the garden.  However, a few days of sunshine have worked wonders on the plants - hooray!

Welcome to our garden
AGS office

The main office building, car park and some of the many troughs that are situated around the site.

Cyclamen coum

Tucked away to the left of the main building, alongside the neighbour’s fence, a group of cyclamen coum have made themselves at home.


To the right of the building, the main entrance to the garden is through the lych gate.

On your left, a splash of blue draws your eye to where a small cluster of Chionodoxa have seeded themselves.

Through the gate, you can choose to go past the offices, or wander over to the right.  This tour is taking you on the first route, forward along the path, past the Mediterranean bed on the left and the Cotswold bed to the right, towards the alpine house and ballast beds.

Paeonia cambessedesii

In the Mediterranean bed the beautiful shoots of  Paeonia cambessedesii are just beginning to emerge.

View of AGS alpine house and ballast beds

On the left of the ballast beds is the back room, which is a hive of industry during December and January for the Seed Exchange - lots of volunteers busy picking all your orders.

View out of the alpine house

A view from the alpine house towards the lych gate.  Not too much colour in the house at the moment, but a Dionysia aretoides 'Phyllis Carter' catches your eye.

AGS garden view

Creeping around the back of the Alpine House, you enter the woodland area, where there are some lovely clumps of snowdrops.

AGS garden

The Narcissus cyclamineus are opening well after a few warmer days, looking very attractive with the snowdrops in the background.

AGS garden

This path leads along the back of the garden.  The gate opens into the Horticultural College garden, as does another one further round - enabling visitors easy access to both gardens during their visit.

At the end of this path, a fungus is growing on one of the log edgings - this is shown in the next photo.

Fungi on log in AGS garden

To end the first part of the garden tour, I will leave you with a few more images of plants enjoying the spring sunshine.

Eranthus hyemalis
Eranthus hyemalis


Narcissus cyclamineus
Narcissus cyclamineus

Judy Rhymes
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