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The Garden in May 2008

The AGS Garden Pershore, May 2008

The past year was peppered with pleasant surprises. Finding a thriving colony of the British native Saxifraga tridactylites in the paths together with some annual Androsace; the superb Daphnes which seemed set to repeat their display this year but suffered slight frost damage. Then there was the pleasure of finding that the new Tufa Garden had been set out according to my basic plan of ‘easily accessible to visitors and gardeners!’ Planting the tufa will be a gradual process and as I write we have hit a hot dry spell. Being able to send seed into the AGS seed exchange was another good achievement.

The ‘Easy Alpines’ bed has been a picture of colour and interest, the crevice once again proving that a lot of plants like growing there, but now we scratch our heads to thing how the European bed can be developed.

A revised guide to the Garden is available inside the main door.

All this has been achieved with the help of volunteers and friends who, often travelling great distances, give so freely of their time. After a day working in the garden it is sometimes difficult to tear myself away.

Rick Lambert –  May 2008

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