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The Garden at Pershore late May 2006

Pershore centre entrance
trough The weather has been cold and wet but despite the conditions, the garden is growing a-pace.

As you enter the office, either side of the entrance are 2 large troughs which are particularly colourful at the moment with Castilleja miniata prominent.

Tufa stack
Jankaea heldreichii Flowering at the moment is Jankaea heldreichii. Sadly, the flowers have been damaged by the heavy rain but the contrast of the flower colour and the silvery leaves remains stunning.

Jankaea heldreichhii in bud

The Crevice Bed
Omphalodes lojkae Planted in a north facing crevice, Omphalodes lojkae is flowering well and generally, seems to do better in the garden than Omphalodes luciliae.

Saxifraga 'Alan Hayhurst' A good silver Saxifraga, ’Alan Hayhurst’, with its lovely sprays of white flowers occupies another crevice nearby.

Asperula sintensii Pretty in pink is Asperula sintensii, another plant which has thrived in the crevice garden.

Daphne calcicola 'Gung Ho Ba' Yellow flowered daphnes are not common and Daphne calcicola 'Gung Ho Ba' has a particularly good, strong colour. This plant is also to be found growing in a east facing crevice. 

Daphne calcicola 'Gung Ho Ba'

Herbaceous border
Dicentra peregrina Dicentra 'King of Hearts' which is also known as 'Candy Hearts', has Dicentra peregrina as one of its parents but this hybrid is certainly more easily grown than that illustrious parent. There is also a white form available called 'Ivory Hearts'.

Dicentra 'King of Hearts' close up

Scree Bed
Aquilegia saximontana New plantings are currently being made in the scree beds. A planting from last year, Aquilegia saximontana, is currently in bloom.

Thalictrum tuberosum A fairly uncommon form of thalictrum,Thalictrum tuberosum, is doing well in the scree.

Mediterranean Bed
Homarea flaccida Growing in sand and rubble and sheltered by the eaves of the building, Homarea flaccida is stunning with its bright orange flowers.

Allium karataviense One of the best alliums to grow, Allium karataviense, can be found growing in several different areas in the garden.

Peat Garden
Rhododendron trichostonum The bulbs which have graced the Peat garden are mostly  past their best. However, Rhododendron trichostonum is flowering profusely.

Alpine House
Dionysia involucrata alba The white flowered form of Dionysia involucrata is flowering well in the sand and tufa beds in the alpine house.

Last but not least
Scilla peruviana A stunning group of Scilla peruviana in the European bed !

The garden at Pershore continues to evolve. New plantings are currently being made and a new part of the garden is being planned. There are always interesting plants to see and new ideas on how they can be grown, so if you are near, please come and see for yourself!

Anne-Marie Culliney
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