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Pershore Garden late April 2006

The Garden at Pershore late April 2006
The warm sunny weather has certainly brought the garden into bloom. The European  and the Woodland ericaceous beds are a swathe of colour .

Of particular note in the European bed, pictured right , are the pulsatillas, new plantings of bulbs including Tulip ’Red Riding Hood’, Narcissus ’Jack Snipe’ and the lovely Amelanchier lamarkii at the rear. The Fritillaria meleagris continue to do well and seed themselves around.

woodland garden The woodland section of the garden has had a large planting of Erythronium species and hybrids including E. japonicum, E. ’Minnie HaHa’ and E.’Joanna’. Trillium chloropetalum in various colour forms can be seen and are happily seeding themselves around. New plantings have been made for summer and autumn interest so please come back and have a look!

Herbaceous border
Arum creticum The hellebores have had their day but the Arum creticum is stunning at the moment.

Crevice Garden
Androsace laevigata

  1. This is another part of the garden in transition. The saxifragas have mostly finished and make way for later flowering plants. Flowering well at the moment is Androsace laevigata.

Scree Bed
clematis tenuiloba A new planting of Anemone pavonina in a vivid cerise pink is very eye catching but it is the scrambling Clematis tenuiloba that has a quiet impact with its dangling blue flowers reminiscent of C.alpina.

fritillaria carica and castilleja miniata The plants in the troughs are starting to bloom. Only one of the troughs has fritillarias growing in it and there is a nice little F.carica in bloom near Castilleja miniata which is just starting to show its red bracts.

Alpine House
sebaea thomasii As  promised in the March article, the Sebaea thomassi is now in full flower.

The lewisias are also starting to bloom and there is the promise of flowers to come on the androsaces.

Sand bed
androsace chamaejasme / lehmanniana The androsaces here are a little further forward than those in the alpine house. Blooming at the moment is a plant labelled as A.chamaejasme but which is probably A. lehmanniana.

Cotswold bed
primula rufus and iris The stunning colour of Primula x pubescens 'Rufus' catches the eye with the iris in the foreground.

Mediterranean Bed
anemone pavonina A wonderful bright red splash of colour greets you as you enter the garden - Anemone pavonina.

paeonia cambessedesii At the far corner of the bed, Paeonia cambessedesii is in full flower.

Please come and visit the garden in person if you can. If not, another view of the garden will arrive here next month.

Anne-Marie Culliney
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