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Pershore Garden late March 2006

The weather at Pershore has continued to be bitterly cold although there has been little snow. The saxifragas continue to delight on the tufa stack as well as in the saxifraga trough at the entrance to the office.

The Alpine House
Dionysia aretioides 'Phyllis Carter' Plants of Dionysia aretioides ’Phyllis Carter’ 

Primula allionii 'Broadwell Pink' and Primula allionii 'Broadwell Pink' are in full bloom.

The plant of Sebaea thomasii is in full bud and a little bit a warm weather should produce its bloom.

Cotswold Bed
Olsynium douglasii A small plant of Olsynium ( formerly Sisyrinchium ) douglasii is still in flower. This summer dormant plant has a quiet beauty. There is also a white form.

Woodland Garden
Narcissus cyclamineus Bulbs of Narcissus cyclamineus often seem to perform better when planted out in the woodland garden. This group are currently showing off their reflexed petals to perfection!

Scree Bed
Pulsatilla 'Budapest seedling' Of particular note, are the wonderful golden hairs surrounding the emerging buds of Pulsatilla ’Budapest Seedling’. This is believed to be a form of P. halleri subsp. grandis. This plant has beautiful opalescent blue flowers.

Crevice Garden
Saxifraga ' Clarissa' Starring in the crevice garden are the saxifragas and in particular the white flowered 'Clarissa'.

Mediterranean Bed
Muscari macrocarpum Sheltering by a rock  are the flowers of Muscari macrocarpum.

The hellebores in the herbaceous garden continue to give a good show so come along to the garden for some inspiration.

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