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Pershore Garden in late June 2006

The weather has been hot and sunny for most of June. Inevitably, some areas have suffered and some additional watering has been needed especially as new plantings have been made in the scree areas.

Sand Beds
Campanula shetleri This area has no regular watering system and relies on occasional rain falling ( hardly any in June) and hand watering. For the most part, the plants have settled in well. A couple of campanulas are currently blooming.

Campanula shetleri ( pictured right), which has a reputation for being difficult, is sending its offshoots among the crevices and into other cushions.

Campanula zoysii Campanula zoysii was only planted last autumn and has already made a nice cushion with 1 precocious flower!

Alpine House
Ourisia 'Cliftonville Roset' The alpine house is watered automatically although sparingly,with some extra hand watering, especially of the tufa.

It might surprise you to see Ourisia ’Cliftonville Roset’ flowering well in sand.It appears that the ourisias with needle like leaves prefer these conditions . I have read that that is true of Calceolaria darwinii as well but that has yet to be tried at Pershore.

Thymus membranaceus Not so surprising is to find Thymus membranaceus doing well with the protection offered from winter wet and cold.

Cotswold bed
Dicentra 'Ivory Hearts' Dicentra 'Ivory Hearts' was planted in this area last autumn and did not make an appearance until very late spring  by which time , I had thought that some wandering gastropod had seen it off!

This is the white counterpart of Dicentra 'King of Hearts' and similarly has Dicentra peregrina in its white form as 1 of its parents. Again, this plant seems very amenable to garden culture and has extra large white lockets on a small plant.

unnamed pink mat forming thymus There is a lovely mat of a pink flowered thymus also in full bloom. Sadly, its name has been lost.

Tufa stack
Physoplexis comosa A rather nice Physoplexis comosa in flower while hanging, seemingly, in mid air!

Campanula ?poscharskyana Growing very near the jankaeas is this good  campanula which has probably seeded itself here. Probably a form of poscharskyana it appears well-behaved in tufa.

Crevice Garden
Dryas octopetala 'Minor' The crevice bed also has to rely on rainfall and the occasional water by hand.

Dryas octopetala 'Minor' is flowering at this time with its lovely creamy white flowers following the sun.

Campanula 'Bumblebee' Campanula 'Bumblebee' is a hybrid with Campanula piperi as one of its parents.It again appears to have hybrid vigour more suited to outdoor culture and is happily running along the rock crevices.

Scree Bed
Allium sp. A rather nice allium is to be found in bloom at the moment. Sadly, its name has been lost. Any suggestions? It is very compact and low growing.

Campanula betulifolia June is the time for campanulas and here there is a lovely plant of Campanula betulifolia.

Aquilegia canadensis A stunningly coloured aquilegia, Aquilegia canadensis, stands out.

Herbaceous border
Delphinium sp A sparsely flowered but attractive delphinium in flower in the herbaceous border.

Peat Garden
Arisaema candidissimum With the spring bulbs well over, the scene is now left for summer flowering species which extend the season for this area into the autumn.

Arisaema candidissimum is making a good clump and has very dramatic, fragrant flowers.

Meconopsis horridula Three plants of Meconopsis horridula were planted in 2005. Each plant has varied in colour from a deep, almost navy flower to the slate blue colour of the plant pictured left.

Gillenia trifoliata The wispy flowers of Gillenia trifoliata are very attractive at this time.

Fern bed
Dactylorhiza Tall spikes of Dactylorhiza stand above the ferns with Clematis ’Hagley Hybrid’ in the background.

Pershore Show
The show is on July 8th. While visiting the show, please take time to visit the garden.

Anne-Marie Culliney
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