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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: how do I keep gypsophila aretoides growing?

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Started by: Ray Mitchell

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Contribution from Ray Mitchell 25 September 2017, 08:47top / bottom of page

I've bought no end of this plant but they always die after a few months, Why?

Contribution from Paul Ranson 25 September 2017, 17:39top / bottom of page

Hopefully Martin Rogerson, Director of Shows will respond as he is possibly the best exhibitor of this species. In the meantime my advice would be to grow it in a gritty but moisture retentive mix in an outside frame exposed to all but the worst of the winter weather. During the spring and summer I water copiously by pouring water over the whole cushion, not something I would recommend for most cushions. Although you are unlikely to see more than the occasional flower I would still turn the pot every week to ensure that growth is even. I have never experienced any pest or disease problems.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 26 September 2017, 19:11top / bottom of page

Hi Ray, Paul has answered most of the obvious points but......this is one of the few plants I always grow in a clay pot and always with a good half an inch of coarse grit top dressing. Like Paul, I pour water over the cushion in Summer but I do keep my plants under glass all year, partly to stop blackbirds picking holes in them. For best results keep plunged in sand and keep the plunge moist all year. The easiest way to kill a young plant is under watering. Hope that helps. Martin

Contribution from Ray Mitchell 09 November 2017, 16:19top / bottom of page
gypsophila aretoides

Many thanks to you both, I have now re potted in a clay pot with plenty of gritty top dressing, all seems well, so far!! I shall put a wire mesh dome on top, as I do with sempervivums, to stop the blackbirds, when this happens with the semps I turn them out and look for vine weevils which are sometimes present, othertimes I think they are just searching for edible creatures.                                                                            Thanks again, Ray  


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