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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Summer Bulbs 2014

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 06 September 2014, 21:17top / bottom of page

My efforts to post pictures of my garden through May and June have fallen foul of other commitments, but I would like to show you two bulbs which have flowered for me for the first time this year.

Tigridia violacea

The first is this small but beautiful species of Tigridia, a gift from a senior exhibitor a couple of years ago, which flowered for the first time for me at the beginning of July.  It is not, strictly speaking, in the Alpine House or Cold Frame; at the moment the pot is on my patio in full sun.  In the winter I move it, with other tender, summer-flowering bulbs, into my garage where it stays, cool and dry, until late spring.  I water all these bulbs in mid-April, and then move them out into the greenhouse as they appear above ground.  When the risk of frost is past, I tend to move the pots to the patio where they make a point of interest.

Tigridia violacea
Cyrtanthus sanguineus

The second bulb I want to show you is one I have wanted to grow for a long time, but have always struggled to source.  Finally, 2-3 years ago I managed to find a small packet of offsets at a South African Bulb Group meeting.  These have grown on nicely in my alpine house (the Narcissus flies haven't found them yet), and they are in flower for the first time at the moment.  I photographed them on my dining room windowsill when they were en route to a local group meeting, where they were universally admired.

Cyrtanthus sanguineus

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