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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Novice question on shading the alpine house

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Started by: Keith Allchin

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Contribution from Keith Allchin 30 April 2008, 19:51top / bottom of page

I was thinking of using Coolglass for shading my newly set up alpine house. This is not ideal because I have plastic eaves on the greenhouse, but I hope the eaves will not need shading because they do not receive the full force of the sun. Does anyone have any tips on using Coolglass, or can anyone recommend another form of shading? Many thanks. Keith

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 02 May 2008, 17:25top / bottom of page

I use cool glass on my alpine house and have done for several years. I won't pretend it's ideal as I'd prefer something I could remove in dull weather but then I'm not at home most of the time to lift and lay anything else. I'd rather it were shaded all the time than left to cook one day because I've forgotten to put the shading on. I tend to put on a fairly thick coat, with a soft yard brush, on the roof and vertical glass on the South side and a lighter coat everywhere else except the north facing vertical glass which I don't do at all (partly at least due to the thick vegetation not far away on that side). Equally important is maximum ventilation. I have a 10ft x 6 ft house with 2 roof vents, 7 louvre vents at bench level and a door. They are all kept wide open all the time. The door is screened with chicken wire on a frame to keep guests out. Martin

Contribution from john lee 02 May 2008, 18:06top / bottom of page

As Martin pointed out it is different if you are at home most of the time,I also use coolglass on a house that is facing south and it stays on all summer.On a wooden framed house I use a product that used to be called Rokolene 50% shade netting,I have the required amount fastened to an 8ft garden cane top and bottom this is suspended on hooks at the top of the roof and rolled out when required,You need steps to reach the top and to take it of again at night.Is it realy worth the hastle ? I do not Know.I keep doing it year on year, I know Coolglass is far easier.Tony.

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