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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Greenhouse Benching question.

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Started by: june saddington

Advice appreciated.

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Contribution from june saddington 09 December 2012, 16:46top / bottom of page

In the new year I intend to turn my little 6x6 into a dedicated Alpine House.

Nothing spectacular, just somewhere to raise some plants that dont appreciate our soggy summers.

I have plenty of ventilation, but I'm unsure of the best way to go with benching,

I'm reading that plunge beds into sand are the best way forward, but i'm trying to keep costs & weight down.

I've looked into the costings of trying to build something from blocks & bricks and paving slabs, but have totally discounted that as too much of a palaver.

So I have been looking at the Aluminum plunge bed supplied by Two Wests & Elliot, I'm sure I've seen it mentioned around a few Alpine Sites.

I just wondered if any of you had experience of this bench system, and what you thought of it..?

Does it stand up without bowing with the weight added..?

The Benching I currently have bows horribly in the middle and is not very stable, its aluminium & slatted.

Its struggling to hold a few pots of Alpines I've picked up throughout the year.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 09 December 2012, 17:33top / bottom of page

June, the Two Wests benches are very good and will withstand the weight of wet sand and pots with ease. They will make a set for you to fit your exact dimensions if you ask them, and delivery is usually very quick. Some people don't think they are deep enough but it depends what depth of pot you use. Again, if you want deeper than the standard unit I'm sure they would manufacture to suit you.

Don't be afraid to ask for a bespoke size from them, they don't charge significantly extra for doing this.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 09 December 2012, 17:50top / bottom of page

To see what thjey can look like see here

look at the page it takes you to and the next one



Contribution from Diane Clement 09 December 2012, 18:35top / bottom of page

I will agree with Martin about the Two West Staging. I have two greenhouses with this staging, including a hexagonal where the staging was made to measure. They will do 6" deep or 4" deep to order. You can use the bottom layer as an extra store for plants or pots. It's only a couple of inches deep but will hold a layer of sand. I've also got exactly the same staging outside as a freestanding frame, with a homemade cover as I wanted a higher cover than the Two Wests cover.

Here's my larger greenhouse staging, the greenhouse is 10' x 8'

Contribution from june saddington 10 December 2012, 10:42top / bottom of page

Your shiny Greenhouse and staging looks terrific, a real labour of love there.

Thanks for your help.

Diane, your glasshouse looks lovely all full of plants, and thanks for the info.

I'm going to do some measuring up now.

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