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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Frits in Flower, March2007

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Started by: Jim McGregor

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Contribution from Jim McGregor 20 March 2007, 11:04top / bottom of page

Some Fritillarias that have been in flower in the Alpine House over the last week or so. First the diminutive Fritillaria pinardii in its two-coloured form. Only a few centimetres high.

Fritillaria bucharica
Fritillaria bucharica
Fritillaria agrestis

from California

Fritillaria agrestis
F. caucasica

Bought many years ago as F.pinardii but the consensus seems to be that it is a small form of F.caucasica (height about 10 cm).

F. caucasica

Next is F.conica from the Peloponnese.

and another yellow one - F.sibthorpiana that hails from Turkey:

Contribution from Ben Probert 21 March 2007, 19:35top / bottom of page

Now I'm jealous! My Frits aren't up to anything yet (just looking green and leafy!). Still, I have F. sewerzowii 'Black Bear' coming up- if it's up and ready it MIGHT go to Exeter in a couple of weeks...

Contribution from Jim McGregor 28 March 2007, 20:34top / bottom of page
Some More Frits

A few more Ftritllaria in flower later in March. First Fritillaria 'Martha Roderick'

Some More Frits

Next is F. latakiensis

Next is F. hermionis amana in its yellow form

A nice little F. graeca grown from AGS seed. Two or three very different clones here:

And finally, F.graeca thessala, or perhaps it should F.ionica:

Contribution from Ron Mudd 01 November 2009, 14:40top / bottom of page

Wonderful pictures of beautifully grown plants. Why no more posted for two years?

Contribution from Jim McGregor 05 November 2009, 23:30top / bottom of page

Sorry Ron, I've been too busy writing software for the website to post more pictures. (The seed exchange is going online this year.)

I'm afraid that there are pictures of some of the plants above again in 2008 in the section on Problems with Cultivation showing a problem I have had with premature dieback.

I've just manged to repot all my Frits for the first time in several years and have high hopes of getting some good pictures next year.

Contribution from Ron Mudd 07 November 2009, 14:26top / bottom of page

Understood. Getting the seed list online must be a massive task.

Good luck with the frits in 2010. Looking forward to seeing the results of your repotting efforts.

I hope I can contribute some pics of my own plants also.

Contribution from Jim McGregor 08 November 2009, 23:26top / bottom of page

Thanks for your comments Ron - have you any pics for the online show?

Contribution from Ron Mudd 09 November 2009, 11:33top / bottom of page

I haven't any pics for submission as yet Jim, but hope to contribute in spring when my frits and junos are in flower.

We have not been back from Asia very long and last 18 months have been setting up for the plants.

However we are now well on the way and so we hope we can start to contribute a little more.

Contribution from Ron Mudd 28 February 2010, 19:16top / bottom of page

Hello Jim,

Do you mind if we use your title of 'Frits in Flowers for a new thread for the display of our Frits that we cannot get to shows?

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