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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Flowering in September 2012

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Helen Johnstone 16 September 2012, 16:46top / bottom of page

I do like the look of the plants in the first contribution. I'm an experienced gardener but dont have an alpine house but do have a cold frame and greenhouse, would I be able to grow them? Which would be the best to start with and where would I obtain them from?



Contribution from Jon Evans 17 September 2012, 22:01top / bottom of page

Hi Helen

The bulbs in the greenhouse (Haemanthus and Strumaria) are South African, and need to be kept frost-free in the winter. They are winter growing, flowering in autumn or spring, and are kept dry through the summer. My greenhouse heater is set to come on when the temperature drops to 3 degrees C. In fact, most will stand a light frost on the leaves, but if the pot freezes through you will lose them, as with many other bulbs from Mediterranean climates.

South African bulbs are not easy to come by in this country; many growers raise plants from seed from South Africa. Some of mine have come from gifts from, or exchanges with other growers. If you are seriously interested, the best thing to do is look up (google) the South African Bulb Group. They are having a meeting on 21st October in their usual hall in Winchester (although the website is not up to date and makes no mention of this). At the meeting there will be a members sales table with a wide variety of bulbs and seed.

I guess this throws further light on the variety of plants that AGS members grow; you may well see Strumarias at the autumn shows, though most Haemanthus will be over by then.

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 23 September 2012, 10:19top / bottom of page

These arent flowering but they are looking very good and I have just potted them up. I see Echeveria and Aeonium have had articles in the Alpine Journal so does this mean they are alpines?

The pictures are of Aeonium tabuliforma and Echeveria La Femme

Here is the photo of Aeonium tabuliforma - I cant see how you load more than one photo to a contribution???

and now I am completely confused as the second photo which I loaded to a new contribution appeared in the first one - ho hum

Contribution from Jon Evans 23 September 2012, 17:24top / bottom of page

Hi Helen

These two plants look great, particularly the Aeonium with its complex patterns. I wouldn't worry too much whether things you post on the website are alpines or not. Most of us are interested in most plants, and I try to post pictures of anything of current interest in my garden; if someone makes the effort to object by adding a message asking me to stop posting pictures of e.g. Helianthus then that is easy to do.

You can only post one picture in each contribution (with each piece of text). But if you make one contribution with a subtitle, text and a picture, and then follow that with more contributions with pictures but no title or text, the thumbnails will appear on the same row.

Normally a series of contributions made by the same person at the same time get merged into one submission; there is a timeout period but I'm not sure what that is at the moment.

Hope this helps


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