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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Flowering in October 2013

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Contribution from Jon Evans 21 October 2013, 16:26top / bottom of page
Haemanthus King Albert

To brighten these long damp days, here are a few things which flowered in the last month, but didn't make a show for one reason or another.

Haemanthus King Albert
Colchicum cilicium

The colchicums were good this year, but most were past their best by the Kent Show. Here is C. cilicium, and some others, a week earlier.

Colchicum cilicium
Nerine humilis ex Piekenierskloof

A niec, short form of Nerine humilis.

Nerine humilis ex Piekenierskloof
Strumaria truncata ssp rubella
Strumaria truncata ssp rubella
Colchicum baytopiorum

By contrast with the earlier colchicums, this, my favourite, has only been out for the last week or so.

Colchicum baytopiorum
Strumaria tenella ssp tenella

I badly wanted to take this to a show, but the dull weather meant that the buds were very slow to open, and it has only reached its peak this weekend. These are about 5 inches high, and were grown from seed sown in Autumn 2008.

Strumaria tenella ssp tenella

Contribution from Tim Ingram 21 October 2013, 18:57top / bottom of page

Such interesting plants Jon. There is a good article by Michael J.Campbell in the latest Rock Garden Quarterly about Moraeas. The South African flora just gets more and more interesting, and the Moraeas have something of that striking variation that the American Calochortus have, plus being easier to grow.

Contribution from Jon Evans 13 November 2013, 12:06top / bottom of page
Nerine humilis

A couple of plants from November.  First a nice, large form of Nerine humilis I got from Chris and Lorraine Birchall (Tale Vallery Nursery).

Nerine humilis
Ipheion sessile

My pan of Ipheion sessile has been wonderful for the last week or so.

Ipheion sessile

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 13 November 2013, 16:47top / bottom of page

Jon - I do like the look of those Haemantheas, are they S African and do you show them at AGS shows?

Contribution from Jon Evans 13 November 2013, 17:04top / bottom of page

Hi Helen

The Haemanthus are South African.  I do take them to shows if the flowers are in good condition, but that is difficult to arrange when we only have 3 shows over a period of two weeks.  The judges aren't normally too impressed, but there are always some visitors who are excited by them.  Some of them make very large leaves after flower - they are appearing now - and I don't think they are hugely hardy, though possibly on a par with most Mediterranean bulbs.

You can grow them from seed from South Africa - I have several pots of seedlings - but it is a long wait before they get to flowering size.  The mature bulbs seem to make offsets slowly, which is how I got these big ones.  Kurt Vickery sometimes has some.

One of the reasons for growing them is that although they are not as showy as some of the big amaryllids like Brunsvigia, they are a lot easier to flower in the UK climate, and once they get to flowering size they seem to perform year after year.

Contribution from Helen Johnstone 13 November 2013, 19:24top / bottom of page

Hi Jon

I do like S African bulbs, well any bulbs to be honest.  Who is the person who mention? Where would I be likely to get seeds/bulbs?


Contribution from Margaret Young 14 November 2013, 13:54top / bottom of page
Seed sources for S. African Bulbs


 I have sent you a some lists and  links - enjoy browsing!


Contribution from Helen Johnstone 14 November 2013, 17:37top / bottom of page

many thanks Margaret, I will have a good browse

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