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Plants in the Alpine House or Cold Frame: Androsace

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Started by: Alan Jones

Die back after flowering

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Contribution from Alan Jones 23 June 2011, 18:58top / bottom of page

Androsace zambalensis

I have a good specimen of Androsace zambalensis in the a/h. It flowered excellently in early April, but subsequently the stems that flowered died, leaving a small island of live foliage. What is the explanation? Should I trim away the dead foliage

Contribution from Margaret Young 25 June 2011, 18:23top / bottom of page

Hello Alan,

this can be a tricky Androsace to keep happy. It appreciates protection inthe winter months but does not like to dry out completely and I wonder if it may have got too hot and dry after flowering in your alpine house?

In the International Rock Gardener of May 2011 :

Josef Lemmens and Jiří Novák gave a few notes about this delightful plant and suggested that while it liked a warm position in the wild and in cultivation, it could suffer from too dry a situation and is better outside, if only in summer.

In Notebook 11 (December 2000) of the Androsace Group David Mowle wrote a plant portrait of this plant.... I have not however seen the article so I do not know what cultivation advice David gives, but it is worth seeking out that issue of the notebook if you can.

I would advise taking a cutting or two to hedge your bets with the plant.



Contribution from Alan Jones 27 June 2011, 20:09top / bottom of page

Thanks, Margaret. Yes, that is probably it...the plant has been getting overheated. I'll take cuttings, as you suggest. All the best, Alan.

Contribution from Alan Jones 05 August 2011, 17:47top / bottom of page
Androsace zambalensis

Margaret, I've took cuttings, as per your advice, so small that I had little hope of them rooting, but they have and I've potted them up. As the mother plant had no realistic future, I've taken more cuttings, so all is well that ends well. Many thanks.

Contribution from Margaret Young 06 August 2011, 20:34top / bottom of page

Alan, I am delighted to hear of the succeess of the cuttings. It is so satisfying to rescue a poorly plant and I wish you luck with all your cuttings!


Contribution from Don Peace 12 August 2011, 18:41top / bottom of page

David Mowle's article on A. zambalensis is at

Contribution from Norman Wood 27 February 2012, 20:09top / bottom of page

Hello Alan

I have server die back problem this winter with a 13 year old Dionysia. I repotted it about 18 month ago it suffer a little die back but made full recovery. This winter it has suffered sever die back,i keep to the same winter regime.I think two thing have contributed to this. One has been waves of flowering and two may under watering. This has been a up and down winter

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