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AGS Tours: AGS Tour to Bhutan

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Started by: Sandra Rice

The Yaksa trek

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Contribution from Sandra Rice 04 November 2008, 11:01top / bottom of page
Starting with People and Places

Just before landing at Paro Airport

Starting with People and Places
Taktsang - Tiger's Nest

A day walk to check out your fitness for the Yaksa Trek

Taktsang - Tiger's Nest
The National Sport - Archery
The National Sport - Archery
Paro Market
Paro Market

Contribution from Margaret Thorne 27 March 2010, 20:00top / bottom of page

Nice one Sandra, but perhaps a bit off putting for nervous flyers!

Quite a few of us have stopped (in the coach) at the same lay-by and here is Sonam, our ?man in Bhutan?, wearing his gho.

All Bhutanese wear national costume, at least around the towns, just one of the many delights of a visit to this unique Himalayan Kingdom. This handsome lot looked after us very well during our visit.

Another highlight is the architecture, as new buildings (such as those comprising the airport) must be constructed in traditional style, and perhaps most importantly for us, the natural environment is magnificent. Over 70% of the land area is pristine primary forest, through which it is necessary to walk to reach the alpine zone, there being very few roads into the mountains. Bhutan is deeply committed to conserving its rich environmental and cultural heritage, as part of a development plan to achieve economic self-reliance and ?gross national happiness?

Although we have not yet identified all the plants, I have started some ?virtual plant sessions? to share our pictures with other members and enlist a wider range of involvement in discussing the queries. Please see ?Plants in the wild? threads.

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