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Using Swop Shop

  1. This Swop Shop is for Members only.
  2. Any item of potential interest to Members and relating to the study and cultivation of alpines may be offered.
  3. The description of the item(s) is the sole responsibility of the Member offering the swop and the AGS takes no responsibility for its accuracy.
  4. The Society will not accept or act upon any complaints relating to any transaction entered into as the result of a swop being offered. It is up to the individual Members concerned to resolve any differences.
  5. This page is for swopping items only and it is not acceptable for money to change hands except for postage and packing (where appropriate), the cost of which must be agreed by the parties entering into the trade.
  6. Advertising a swop here, or responding to an offer implies acceptance of these terms by the parties involved.

To communicate with a member advertising a swop here, click on their name to compose an email.

Swop Shop - Members Only