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AGS Seed Exchange: wrongly named seed

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seed from AGS seed exchang

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Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 23 July 2011, 09:13top / bottom of page

The seed I got wrongly named this year is Campanula Raineri no 1927, which has dark green almost pitted leaves, can't identify it. I also got wrong seed of this last year, but that was totally different to this, being lighter strap-shaped leaves. The other seed I got wrong this year was Calceolaria Walter Shrimpton no 1826. This looks more like Biflora leaves but has not flowered yet. Thought it best to alert everyone, so hopefully this doesn't happen again. We have had some great seed though. Keep up the good work.

Contribution from Steve Law 25 July 2011, 16:33top / bottom of page
The wrong Clematis

I contributed to a thread on this last year (on Penstemon) I don't know if anything was done about it. This year I find that the batches of Clematis pitcheri and crispa that i've lovingly nurtured are all something like C.fusca (I have some of those too - the plants are identical) Before I really fly off the handle I should confess that I'm not totally sure if I got them from the AGS or the HPS but since both exchanges seem to be infested with the same parasite the pathology is the same. Clearly someone thinks it makes them look very impressive submitting seed of lots of rare varieties when in fact it's a few common ones. There's just no way this can be happening by accident. I think we need names - and possibly some of this here published in the bulletin.

The wrong Clematis

Contribution from Ken Curtis 16 September 2011, 21:04top / bottom of page
Depressed about depressa

Received as Gentiana depressa 3161 from last years AGS seed list. Sorry for the poor image quality but certainly not G. deprresa. I agree with the other comments under this thread and will only add that the seed exchange is only as good as the integrity of those who contribute.

Depressed about depressa

Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 17 September 2011, 15:31top / bottom of page

Thank you for alerting us to the gentian depressa seed Ken. Unfortunately, this is another batch of seed we had. Ours have not flowered yet, and having not had it before we did not know from the leaves that it was wrong. This makes 3 wrong batches of seed from last year we have had, and that's all we are aware of! Something should be done, we agree.

Contribution from Lesley Cox 06 December 2011, 04:01top / bottom of page
likewise depressed!

I too received the wrong seed as Gentiana depressa, in the last list. The seedlings are still small but look as if they'll be like yours Norman. I have G. depressa and hoped for a couple extra clones as it is very reluctant to give me any seed, just a single pod in something like 10 years. That germinated really well but I lost the lot when newly potted due to their being too hot and dry one windy day. My fault.

The seedlings of Gent. farreri from the last list look to be identical to the non depressa.

From the list before (09/10) Gaultheria sinensis is now in flower but it is, in fact, the white form of Dianthus deltoides.

Here is G. depressa and a further image of my seedlings. Even very small they are quite identifiable.

likewise depressed!

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Contribution from David Bishop 09 December 2011, 16:33top / bottom of page

Wrongly labelled seed is indeed irritating. I have some 'Campanula fragilis' plantlets from last year's seed exchange that are very obviously not as stated on the tin but hopefully will reveal their true selves when they flower. I have to admit though, that I'm looking forward to finding out who the stranger is (I'll get a C.fragilis another time). Two or three years ago I had a similar experience, raising a plant from a packet of soit disant 'Campanula' that was obviously a succulent. Never a fan of succulents, I grudgingly gave the plant a chance and grew it in scree. I was rewarded with stunningly beautiful flowers. Its taken a couple of years for someone (RHS botanist, James Armitage. Many thanks James) to identify it as Talinum calycinum, an exquisite plant that I will now take more care of and try it in my planned sand bed. I now realise the error of my ways and apologise to all succulents out there; I need to get to know you better. The moral of this story is that the misnaming of seed packets sometimes has a happy outcome.

Contribution from Giles Reed 23 January 2012, 18:58top / bottom of page

'Primula heucherifolia'

I doubt this was a genuine mistake on the part of the donor.

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