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AGS Seed Exchange: seed order on line

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Started by: laurence kane

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Contribution from laurence kane 02 December 2014, 19:33top / bottom of page

the on line seed order is great i have sent orderby post have to cancel it

Contribution from ALAN OUTEN 04 December 2014, 16:46top / bottom of page

Have completed seed orders on line - fairly straightforward once one had read all the instructions! Our only issue was that we could not find a way, as husband and wife, to order on same registration but had to register twice with dfferent passwords and then make two separate payments. It would be good if there was a mechanism whereby one could do both our orders and pay on same order. If this facility exists we could not find it! Otherwise we cannot praise the scheme and its organisers too highly. Fantastic!

Contribution from Dany Fortin 05 December 2014, 18:45top / bottom of page
This is a great selection

I live on Vancouver Island B.C, Canada. I love plants and it is good that i am finaly a member of the AGS. I built a crevice garden in my backyard 3 years ago and i am thrilled to grow and expand my collection, that gives me joy all year round.Our climate is mild and so productive for rock gardens. Thank you so much to all that works for the AGS, you do a great job. I talk to a very enthusiastic Lady on the phone at the AGS she was very helpfull and I am exited for this coming spring. thank you again,

Dany Fortin, Courtenay,B.C

Contribution from Michael Collen 12 December 2014, 11:22top / bottom of page
Completing the order

Would assist if made clear that it is necessary to click that the main order is complete even though a surplus order has yet to be made.

Contribution from Susan Rodman 15 December 2014, 11:34top / bottom of page

Fabulous system and I find it so easy to use. Thankyou to all at A.G.S for all your hard work.I live in Tasmania and I have had reasonable success with propagation, can't wait for new seed to arrive.

Contribution from Anne Burleigh 17 December 2014, 07:19top / bottom of page

The Online System is Superb - I adore browsing through the Seed List but seemed to drag my feet somewhat in the past when I came to order as I needed lots of time to count and recount and not make mistakes etc - this evening I took less than half an hour and all my selections came up in order with the names! - truly magnificent - you are to be congratulated.  Trust you all enjoy Christmas and New Year.  Many Thanks.

Contribution from stephen walsh 30 November 2015, 10:48top / bottom of page
Stephen Walsh

The way the seed list is done is super, ordering on line is so easy and always works well, my thanks to everybody involved

Contribution from John Good 30 November 2015, 12:04top / bottom of page

Just sent in my order - easier than falling off a log! Many thanks Diane and all your band of helpers.

Contribution from Gillian Copsey 30 November 2015, 17:28top / bottom of page

I'm a fairly new AGS member and this is the first year that I have ordered seeds. The on-line system is excellent, particularly the google link and also being able to log in and out without losing any selections made so far. Thank-you to everyone involved in the process On a wet, windy November day it is wonderful to be mentally transported into the new season through the anticipation of sowing seeds and watching to see them germinate. Always an exciting process. Gill Copsey

Contribution from Lesley Butler 06 December 2015, 04:32top / bottom of page
Ordering online

Excellent. Easy to select, look up photos or information while selecting, easy to use. Whoever laid it out did a very good job. Lesley Butler, Australia

Contribution from Jennifer McGrady 26 December 2015, 23:13top / bottom of page

If I'd realised how user-friendly this is I wouldn't have left it so late to order!

I couldn't find the option to pay by Direct Debit which is shown on the printed form - perhaps it isn't available here?

Contribution from Diane Clement 27 December 2015, 10:55top / bottom of page

Thanks, Jennifer.  You are correct, it isn't currently possible to use Direct Debit when ordering online, but it is being considered as an option for next year. 

Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 13 January 2016, 11:33top / bottom of page
AGS Seedex 2015/2016

Seeds arrived safely today in Central Victoria. Thanks to all the Seed Team for their efforts,



Contribution from Diane Clement 13 January 2016, 22:47top / bottom of page

Great news, glad they've arrived safely.  Thanks, Fermi!

Contribution from Judith Boyle 24 January 2017, 02:49top / bottom of page
Online ordering

Received my seeds today in Australia, 22 first choice, one second, all passed by Biosecurity. Thank you for this really efficient system. 

Regards - Judy Boyle


Contribution from Diane Clement 24 January 2017, 20:36top / bottom of page

Great news, Judy, thanks very much for letting us know.

Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 24 January 2017, 23:04top / bottom of page
AGS Seedex 2016/2017

Hi Diane and all the Seed Team,

A couple of friends in Melbourne had told me that their AGS Seed had arrived before the end of the year so I was getting anxious that mine hadn't! However like Judy's it arrived yesterday after spending some time in the Biosecurity office. WIth the new system on-line it is easy to check our BICON website to see if any particular seed is allowed or not so I'm happy to say that nothing was removed!

Good work and look forward to seeing you and others at the Czech Rock Garden Conference in May,



Contribution from Diane Clement 25 January 2017, 22:33top / bottom of page

Great news, Fermi, I'm glad to hear your seed has arrived safely.

Diane Clement 

Contribution from Jan Jeddeloh 05 February 2017, 19:16top / bottom of page

Have any of the other non-donor US members received their seed yet?  I'm pretty sure the AGS has sent it by now but I have visions of it sitting on a hot computer at the inspection station in Seattle.  I'm also still missing my SRGC seed and suspect it's similarly held up.  Might be time for me to call Seattle with a gentle reminder.    



Contribution from Diane Clement 08 February 2017, 14:27top / bottom of page

Hi Jan, Your seed order was posted in mid January.  It will have to go through USDA APHIS inspection, and that can take some time, but I hope it will be its way to you soon.
Diane Clement, AGS Seed Director

Contribution from Jan Jeddeloh 25 February 2017, 02:12top / bottom of page

Sadly Diane I am still waiting not too patiently for my AGS seed to arrive.  I'm beginning to wonder if the Seattle inspection station sent it back or destroyed it.  I miss the good old days when we didn't have to bother with the Small Lots of Seed program. Really these plants aren't going to turn into weeds.  In fact half of them probably won't germinate, or will die a quick death, because they are just so hard to grow.

But thank you for checking into it and listening to me whine.


Contribution from Diane Clement 26 February 2017, 22:17top / bottom of page

Hi Jan, sorry you are still waiting for your seed to arrive.  Once we have posted your order it is out of our control and in the hands of APHIS. Did you contact the Seattle office?  Sorry you are frustrated about not having your seed.  One way you could receive your seed order early is to consider being a seed donor next year.  We pick the orders of donors first and they are usually posted before Christmas. 

Contribution from Jan Jeddeloh 27 February 2017, 04:01top / bottom of page

Oh, I know it's out of your hands. I didn't know if perhaps you get a stack of seed returned to you for problems but maybe they just pitch it. You've been very kind to let me vetch.  I had actually called Seattle and they were able to tell me my SRGC seed was on its way.  I was hoping the AGS seed was in the same batch; the receptionist didn't seem to get that I was missing two orders. .  Apparently they get more seed to go thru than you might suspect.  I kind of hesitate to call them again.  I'm not sure if it's good or bad to become known as that person who calls about their seed.  I don't know if it would encourage them to get it out quicker or make someone want to sit on it out of pure oneriness.  

I know donors get their order filled first and I usually do donate but we moved to our new place late 2015 and last year was spent stripping the yard of all vegetation (lterally) and installing new beds so seed collecting, for any group, just didn't happen, both because I had little to collect  and because of lack of time.  I really hate to collect junky type seed just to have something to send in to snag donor priviledges. 

Thanks, Jan

Contribution from Diane Clement 28 February 2017, 10:33top / bottom of page

No, we don't get ever get seed returned to us, they will get in touch with us or Joyce Fingerut (our US contact) if there is a problem, which is very rare.  I think that APHIS do get quite a lot of orders to deal with at this time of year, because of all the seed exchanges.  I hope your seed will eventually arrive with you, it does often seems to take quite a long time.

Contribution from Jan Jeddeloh 07 March 2017, 03:43top / bottom of page

Wonder of wonders my seed arrived today!  A very nice selection, especially considering I wasn't a donor.  It didn't get mailed out of Seattle until March 3rd so I'm not sure where it's been all this time.  Now to get them either planted or refrigerated for fall sowing, depending on the species.  

Hard to believe a year ago my father and I were able to visit the Harlow Early Show in person.  We had such a nice time there and the plants were spectacular.

Contribution from Diane Clement 08 March 2017, 09:10top / bottom of page

Great to hear your seed finally arrived, Jan.  Sometimes they do seem to take quite a long time.

It was good to meet you and your father last year at Harlow.  This year's show was also a superb event, click on the following link for excellent photos from Jon Evans of this year's Harlow Show:

Harlow Show 2017

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