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Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 12 December 2010, 08:51top / bottom of page

I agree that the online seed ordering is excellent. The only criticism would be that the second choices are just taken in number order from the top. Therefore you are never likely to get something lower down on the list, and if you're not careful you will have blocks of the same seeds left. This has been noticed by several members.

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 12 December 2010, 10:36top / bottom of page

Hi Norman

As one of the 'seed pickers', I thought I'd let you know that we do sometimes start from the bottom of the second choices list, as we are very aware that otherwise the first numbers will always go before anything else.

My other tip would be to put a note in the 'comments section' of your order asking for second choices to be picked in reverse order, which is what I have done. This does not cause a problem when we are selecting the packets.

Happy sowing and growing.

Contribution from Diane Lamplough 14 December 2010, 20:03top / bottom of page

I thought the seed exchange work quite well this year and thanks go to all the helpers. I do see Norman Jobson's point as all my second choices that were supplied to me were in the "A"'s. Even if picking from the back of the list first, it would not really help as I would get all W,X,Y and Z seeds.

It would be useful if the first choice remains as it is (sorted by number) but if I could list my second choice by preference. I know this would take the helpers a litle bit longer, but it would make a good system even better.

Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 18 December 2010, 09:25top / bottom of page

The idea of being able to prioritise your second choices suggested by Diane is an excellent idea, if it's not too much work for the packers who do an excellent job under pressure to get the seeds out in good time. Failing that, a random choice would be good. Keep up the good work.


Contribution from Brian Whyer 25 December 2010, 22:09top / bottom of page

When I am picking second choices I don't start from anywhere in particular. Sometimes those alongside the first choices, sometimes just where there is no-one else seed picking. It is quite at random for me.

Any priority system would need to be programmed in for online selection. A non sequencial list might be less easy to pick when hand written as not all lists are very legible, and we rely on the sequence to decipher some. Highlighting by underlining might work OK to prioritise if the online system could cope.

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