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AGS Seed Exchange: on-line ordering

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Started by: Pam Kench

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Contribution from Pam Kench 02 December 2016, 00:59top / bottom of page

fantastic way to order, so easy, Love the fact of googling as you go. Pam Kench Australia

Contribution from John Willis 02 December 2016, 14:48top / bottom of page
Really well organized

You've done an excellent job of organizing the seed list.  Every year I start to read through the a's and then before you know it I'm hopscotching all around the list.  And the software accomodates my choices.  Now for wishes -- I wish there were a similar list for just the ephemerals in the springtime... 

Contribution from Steve Stringer 03 December 2016, 15:21top / bottom of page
First time order - new member

Thank you so much for easy and painless way to order cannot wait to get sowing!

Contribution from DIANA WHIMP 05 December 2016, 07:49top / bottom of page


Really easy

Contribution from Charles Philpotts 05 December 2016, 09:46top / bottom of page

Really impressed with the process again, the Google search is a great addition. This is on top of the superb range of seeds available. Many thanks to all the volunteers who do the work. Can't think of any way of improving the process.

Contribution from Diane Clement 06 December 2016, 09:01top / bottom of page

Thanks to everyone for their messages, nice to hear members are finding the online system easy to use. 

Contribution from Ivan Miles 15 December 2016, 19:42top / bottom of page
Seeds received

Received my seeds today, 20 from 1st choice and 3 from 2nd.

Thank you to everyone for a great system

Regards Ivan 

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