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AGS Seed Exchange: mis-named seed 2009

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Started by: Diane Whitehead

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Contribution from Diane Whitehead 24 December 2009, 20:28top / bottom of page

#5366, labelled Tecophilaea cyanocrocus Leichtlinii, is not.

#5364, 5367 and 5368 look correct.

Contribution from Diane Whitehead 26 December 2009, 19:31top / bottom of page

Perhaps someone will be able to identify the seeds wrongly named as Tecophilaea cyanocrocus Leichtlinii.

They are not perfectly round. Some have little threads - probably what they were attached by in the pod.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 19 January 2010, 17:06top / bottom of page

Thank you for bringing this to my attention Diane. I have looked through the racks and pulled the remaining ones. This should have been picked up earlier and is obviously incorrect. I have located the original packets and the donor will be questioned as to the correct identity. (They also sent in T.cyanocrocus with the same shaped seed but these had been spotted and pulled from the exchange before packeting.

We are beginning to spend time challenging incorrectly named seed in an effort to make things more accurate.

So, if any more appear like this please let me know, as without your help and knowledge the job would be a lot slower.

Best wishes to everyone and a big thank you to all who donated, ordered, packed, picked, received, collated etc etc in this seed exchange.

Contribution from Steve Law 23 August 2010, 10:23top / bottom of page
Penstemon seed

I expect you're aware that some contributers may donate mislabelled seed just to make up their quota and get the donors extra packets. I can't think of any other reason why three of the Penstemon I ordered last year (purpusii, euglaucus and gormannii) came up the same and wrong (I don't know what they are - something from the serrulati is my guess. Westacre plants in Norfolk are selling the same plants as P.hallii, which they're certainly not so it's not just me). By mistake I also ordered euglaucus from the HPS and they came up the same too so this one donor is clearly trying his or her luck there too. My guess is that you can probably work out who it is from this information. I suggest you have a quiet word with them.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 23 August 2010, 23:56top / bottom of page

Thank you for the information Steve, it certainly gives us some good leads. Through comments from a couple of people last year over Dianthus seed all coming up the same the offending donor was approached and knows full well what I think of their actions! Incorrect naming through ignorance is one thing ( I am sure most growers have been cultivating something under the wrong name quite innocently) but deliberate deception is another. Were the Penstemons from the last exchange or from 2008/9?

Sorry if I sound a bit strong in my thoughts but I am annoyed to think of some members trying to spoil things for the rest of us!

Contribution from Steve Law 25 August 2010, 17:30top / bottom of page

I think you're absolutely right to be angry Colin. It damages the reputation of something that should be an excellent resource (and usually is). I'm especially peeved that it's taken all this time (lovingly pricking them out, potting them on...) to be certain that they're wrong. They looked suspiciously similar early on but I wanted to be sure. They were indeed from the last seed exchange. I've attached a picture. Those toward the top were sent out as euglaucus, those toward the bottom right as gormannii. They're indistinguishable (and somewhat starved. I'm so fed up with them I haven't bothered to pot them on.) Bottom left is what came to me as P.albertinus - clearly different and hopefully correctly labelled.

On a lighter note - I remember one donor (maybe on the HPS list) offering seed of Vitis vinifera. At least they were up front about it.

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