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AGS Seed Exchange: is it too late?

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Started by: Gelene Scarborough

too late to put my seed request in?

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Contribution from Gelene Scarborough 03 February 2009, 18:34top / bottom of page
(new membership)

Hello all, I just joined in late December and am afraid that I have missed the seed exchange altogether... is there any chance that I can still participate?

Contribution from Colin Dolding 03 February 2009, 19:56top / bottom of page

Hello Gelene, Welcome to the Alpine Garden Society. Although the seed distribution officially closed in January you are still welcome to place an order. Please give us lots to choose from as stocks of several of the numbers have been exhausted by now. Please do not order from the "Bulbil and Corm" section as they have all gone or been planted! Probably a good idea to initially email me your choices on If you have not got a seed list you can download from the AGS website by clicking on Seed Exchange on the left hand side of the home page. The cost of the exchange is 6.00 for 23 packets. Surplus seed available at 20p per packet but you can only ask for seeds from complete genera blocks rather than individual numbers. Hope this helps.

Contribution from Gelene Scarborough 09 February 2009, 23:37top / bottom of page

Thanks so much Colin, I will get right to it!

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