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Started by: William Janetos

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Contribution from William Janetos 09 January 2014, 20:33top / bottom of page

Hi Diane,

I'm mailing a copy of my USDA Plant Permit, but because I submitted applications through email, I have never received any Green and Yellow labels. I hope that will not be a problem. As long as there is a list of seeds in the envelope with the copy of permit, I don't believe anything else is needed.

Contribution from Diane Clement 09 January 2014, 21:35top / bottom of page

Hi William
I can't send seed to the US without green and yellow labels, as they are the address labels for the port of entry and part of the permit requirements.  Your seed has to be sent to one of the ports of entry with a USDA office and may be subject to inspection.  You can choose any of the ports of entry, but we recommend that you do not choose Jamaica, NY as the post office confuses this with Jamaica, West Indies and post is frequently returned to us from this address.  We suggest you choose Linden, NJ instead. 

As you submitted your permit applications by email, you need to apply for green/yellow labels and they will be posted to you, and will then need to post these to me. There is more information on the following link about how to obtain the green and yellow labels:

Diane Clement, Director of AGS Seed Exchange

Contribution from William Janetos 10 January 2014, 18:36top / bottom of page

Ok Diane, Then cancel my order, I have never used any green and yellow labels for over 10 years now. Also please can my membership with your organization. I guess you don't want to deal with US residents. Thanks, William Janetos


Please cancel my membership.

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 January 2014, 18:49top / bottom of page
Obligation to comply with USA regulations

Dear William,

The government of the USA  via USDA makes the regulations applying to plant permits.

The green and yellow labels and Small Lots of Seed permits have been required for sending Seed Exchange Seed - as from the AGS seed exchange and many others  like it -  for many years now. As a responsible organistaion there is no question of the AGS sending seed to the USA in breach of your country's laws.( Diane gave the link to the relevant rules.) 

 The AGS is fulfilling its obligations to abide by the regulations of the countries to which seed is sent -  I have no doubt that the needs of members from the USA are as important to the AGS as any other- but rules are rules and no responsible organistion can flaunt them. It is not a personal attack on you or any other USA member, it is simply a legal requirement that bot permits and labels must be provided before seed can be sent.

 I think it is great shame that you should characterise the AGS adherence to the  rules of your country as a lack of care for  members. 

Contribution from William Janetos 10 January 2014, 20:52top / bottom of page

I do apologize for my uncalled for outburst. All shipments where I used my permits, were with the use of brokers and not by mail. Brokers, dont need the green and yellow labels as far as I have been told. I am trying to see were I can get these labels, so it may take some time to get them.

Contribution from Margaret Young 10 January 2014, 23:13top / bottom of page

William, I imagine that Diane will be able to hold your seed order until  your labels arrive - I know the Seed Team do everything they can to get all the seed to the members as requested - they're a great crew - they work fuelled by tea, coffee and cake - a peerless combination for efficiency!

Contribution from Diane Clement 10 January 2014, 23:30top / bottom of page

Thanks, Maggi, for your explanation and support.
William, I'm not sure where you get the idea that I don't want to deal with US members as this couldn't be further from the truth.  I have been involved with the AGS seed exchange for 12 years and during this time I have personally completed all the paperwork necessary for the US members to receive their seeds.  In the past we had to issue phytosanitary certificates, and in the last few years it has been through the permit system.  Over those 12 years I have personally been responsible for well over 1000 orders going out to US members.  All the helpers who pick seed orders know that there is extra work involved for every US seed order, in picking the correct seed to meet your country's requirements, and in completing all the necessary paperwork.  As Maggi correctly states, we must follow the rules of all the countries to which we send seed.

Diane Clement, Director of the AGS Seed Exchange

Contribution from Joyce Fingerut 11 January 2014, 03:16top / bottom of page

I would like to add a few words that I hope will clarify the use of seed import permits in general, and the specific requirements of the Small Lots of Seed permit.

William, back in 2002, after years of allowing small lots of seed (small packets rather than bulk commercial shipments) to enter the U.S. without the usual (expensive) phytosanitary certificate, APHIS-PPQ suddenly began requiring a phyto to accompany even the small seed exchange packets.  This would have disrupted (even devastated) all seed exchanges that cross our national borders: organizations in the US were not able to receive donations from its overseas members, and overseas organizations (like AGS) were not able to send seeds to US members without great expense.

Fortunately, as of May, 2006, there is now a special Small Lots of Seed permit - which is different from the standard seed import permit in that no phyto is needed.  However, this new permit requires that the seeds enter the US through one of the 17 Plant Inspection Stations, and the green & yellow labels that come with this particular  permit are pre-printed with the address of one of the stations (whichever one you choose). I will be happy to discuss this further with you and help you obtain the new permit.  But this can take a few weeks so, in the meantime, I will send Diane a copy of my permit and a green&yellow label so that your seeds can be sent to me.  If you will contact me ( and give me your address, I can forward the seeds to you.

Joyce Fingerut, Government Liaison, North American Rock Garden Society

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