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AGS Seed Exchange: Seed Received from The Seed Exchange - The Thankyous!!!

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Started by: Giles Reed

Juicy Seed Received

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Contribution from Giles Reed 09 December 2008, 21:22top / bottom of page

I would just like to say a big 'Thankyou' to the kind member who sent in seed of Daphne jezoensis to share with other members. Receiving some of your seed has made me a very happy man! I hope its going to end up looking like the one below photographed at an AGS show!

Contribution from Sandra Rice 15 December 2008, 19:11top / bottom of page

I hope Giles will keep us updated on the progress of his daphne seeds. It is good to have your comments and thanks for all the work done by those who donate seed and those who help at so many points in the distribution process. Distribution is going well. Keep your orders coming in, we have plenty goodies still, but alas, no more Daphne jezoensis! There will be a break in distribution from Friday 19th December to January 5th. But after a rest we are sure to be able to deal with an increased number of orders each day!

Contribution from Emma Bignell 25 December 2008, 06:40top / bottom of page

I'm a new member, and this is my first experience of the seed exchange. I am a novice, and have only been collecting alpines for about 2 years, my interest being aroused by my mum's love of mountains and alpines - now I have many more than she has! It too me weeks to Google my way through the thousands of entries in the list ? my knowledge of Latin names being minimal. I am really excited that the seeds have arrived, I am now spending my time googling any special germination requirements! All my newly purchased John Innes compost, grit, course sand, composted bark and pots are awaiting use, and now that I have a few days off work I?ll be making a start on sowing. I would like to say a very big THANK-YOU to everyone involved, and will endeavour to collect more seed next year so I can make a larger contribution to the seed exchange that I managed this year.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 30 December 2008, 21:37top / bottom of page

Thank you Emma and Giles for your comments about your seeds you have received and for your thanks which I will pass on to those involved. Everyone works hard to make sure as many of you as possible receive your seed before Christmas. We will be starting posting out again on January 5th and are well into the non-donor orders now. Happy New Year to you all!

Contribution from GaŽl COLIN 13 January 2009, 13:31top / bottom of page
seed exchange

I am a little bit worried! I have not yet received the seeds i asked... i don't know if it is normal or not? I think that I had received seeds earlier last year. I hope that they were not lost by post GaŽl COLIN

Contribution from Colin Dolding 14 January 2009, 23:02top / bottom of page

Many thanks for your enquiry. Your seed order was picked and posted to you on 9th December, so I expect the postal service is to blame! Your order will be repicked today and put in the post. Sorry you have had to wait longer than normal. Best wishes,

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