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AGS Seed Exchange: Seed List now on line

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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 27 November 2011, 00:04top / bottom of page

The seed list is now on line and ready to take your orders.  Click on the link below to take you to Seed online ordering

AGS 60th Seed Exchange

Thank you to all donors for sending in their seed, without them there would be no seed exchange.   

And a big thank you to all the volunteers who have helped at all the stages so far.  It is a magnificent team effort that makes this Seed Exchange possible.  Over 100,000 packets of seed have now been packeted ready for the Main orders to be made up shortly. 

We could still do with some more volunteers to help picking the orders at Pershore over the next few weeks.  If you think you can help out, please contact me at


Contribution from Lesley Cox 29 November 2011, 01:27top / bottom of page
New seed order completed with no problems. Thanks

I've just finished my main order - not doing a surplus because of our MAF regs with all incoming seed needing to be named - and I'd like to thank whoever put the Online list together. I found it easy to use, no hassles at all. Quick question though, does the seed for overseas members come with list attached? If not, we in NZ and Australia will need to supply one to seed packers, in which case, to what address? Thanks again.

Lesley Cox

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 29 November 2011, 09:14top / bottom of page

Hi Lesley

For the past two years, and it will happen again this year, all main and surplus NZ and Australian orders are accompanied by a letter listing the seed names alongside the numbers - so get your surplus order in too!

Feedback for this system has been very positive.

I'm just off to Pershore to help with the 'racking up' of the seed, ready for the flood of orders we hope will be coming in.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 29 November 2011, 12:07top / bottom of page

Many thanks and hearty congratulations to everyone involved with this incredible seed exchange. From donors to packers, from receivers to order fillers, from seed list compilers to seed exchange managers, from on-line wizards to general dogsbodys, your efforts are massively appreciated and greatly valued. Take a bow one and all.

Contribution from James Fox 03 December 2011, 19:52top / bottom of page
Seedlist appearance online

By chance, I discovered the list was online for ordering, having been looking and waiting for two weeks.

The main Seed List page says "sometime in early December." If I hadn't looked in the "Members' On-Line Discussion" section I would still be waiting for the list to "come online".

Perhaps it should be stated right on the Seed List page that the list is NOW online. Perhaps others are unaware that they can order now.



Contribution from Diane Clement 03 December 2011, 21:43top / bottom of page

Sorry you missed the links, James, but glad you have now found it and managed to do your order.

The seed list was on line from Sunday morning. At that time, it was flagged up as the main news item on the front page of the AGS site with a link. I also put my entry in a new Discussion thread, as you will see at the top of this page you are reading now. You will see my posting was at 4 minutes past midnight, as I was up waiting to see the list go live. The links to the list were also available from the link "Seed exchange on-line" from the drop down menus at the top of the page, and also from the left hand navigation from the seed pages.

Sorry you missed these, but glad you have now found the right page.

Contribution from John Good 03 December 2011, 22:12top / bottom of page

Diane, I think the online ordering system is brilliant and my order (including payment by Worldpay) went through with no problem. I find the Google links absolutely excellent, saving so much time in putting the names into google oneself to find the images - it must have involved a great deal of work doing this for us and I for one am most appreciative. I really can't imagine why anyone who has access to a computer would continue to use paper orders and urge anyone reading this who is still doing so to reconsider.

Thanks again to you (and Jim McGregor our web manager) for making this possible.


Contribution from Diane Clement 04 December 2011, 07:26top / bottom of page

Thanks for your comments, John, and also to earlier ones from Cliff and Lesley. The online system does work extremely well and we are indebted to Jim McGregor for doing all the technie wizardry, including the brilliant idea of including Google links.  Those of us working with the orders agree that the online system is easier for us, in several ways - it cuts down the administration needed with the payment, and we get a clearly printed order form which is often easier to read than a handwritten one. 

The seed is now all racked up at Pershore (I keep forgetting to take a photo of the setup but will try and remember to do so this week).  All we now need is volunteers to come and help make up orders at Pershore. If you can help any time over the next two weeks, or after Christmas, please get in touch with me:


Contribution from Tim Ingram 04 December 2011, 11:06top / bottom of page

I agree wholeheartedly with Cliff about all those involved with the seed exchange - it is definitely one of the finest aspects of the Society. I may be slightly fuddy-duddy (even though I like the web for its ability to allow debate and sharing of information) but I still prefer the paper seed list. I find switching from page to page on the computer screen rather annoying and prefer leafing through the paper copy. Partly this is because I get overwhelmed by the amount of information on the web and prefer leafing through books. But that's just me and I am sure many others would disagree - it does sound of great benefit to the running of the scheme.

Contribution from Diane Clement 04 December 2011, 14:09top / bottom of page

Yes, Tim, I think a lot of people do prefer the print copy as they find it easier to flick through and find items of interest. And there are many who now prefer the on line version with the Google links built in.


It's also possible to use both systems together. Look through the paper copy and select the items you are interested in, and then log in and key in your order on line. You can either just type in the numbers on line, or go through the names.

Contribution from Bertil Larsson 04 December 2011, 21:39top / bottom of page

I have just finnished my seed order. Its so easy with this new online way and the links to google is helpful when looking for new items. Thanks to all who make this seed exchange possible.

Bertil Larsson Sweden

Contribution from Diane Clement 06 December 2011, 07:47top / bottom of page

Thanks for your comments, Bertil. The Google link is certainly proving popular

Contribution from David Rankin 06 December 2011, 10:26top / bottom of page
Paper copies - and electronic ones

I too like to have a paper copy of the seed list, so that I can mark the ones I am interested in, and eventually cut it down to the right number. But even more useful for that is an electronic copy. Most useful is a spreadsheet, but if necessary I can make one from a pdf file. But the pdf file of this year's list isn't yet available. Please could we have something editable next year? It would make browsing an even more pleasurable experience.

Oh dear - back to the paper copy, and a few more cross-eyed hours getting that list together....

Contribution from Janet Fielden 06 December 2011, 14:28top / bottom of page

Can I re-echo Jim's comment. I've checked regularly over the pats 3 weeks & got the "early December" message. First I knew we had the list was when it dropped through the door on Saturday. But mnay thanks for the online ordering. So easy to use & the links are excellent.

Janet Fielden

Contribution from Jim McGregor 06 December 2011, 17:27top / bottom of page
Seed Ready to Go

Thought you might all like to see a picture of the seed packets all racked up and ready for the distribution stage of the operation.

This takes place from the storeroom at the AGS Centre. The staff there spent two days giving it its annual clearout - it's amazing what accumulates that needs to be tidied away or thrown away after a busy season of shows and events.

The seed exchange team have finished the racking up and the distribution is starting.

Seed Ready to Go

Contribution from Tim Ingram 06 December 2011, 19:09top / bottom of page

Jim - that is a thoroughly impressive and stimulating picture! It really shows the basis of the seed exchange after all the seed has come in from all around the Society. Everyone involved must be very proud. The seed exchange(s) of the specialist societies would be well worth articles in The Plantsman and other gardening media. The SRGC are accumulating photos of different seeds as a resource for gardeners, and such information, in concert with the generosity of members donating seed and distributing it really is one of the most wonderful facets of the Societies.

Contribution from Diane Clement 06 December 2011, 22:36top / bottom of page

Just to add a couple of pictures to Jim's to fill in a bit more of the story. The first picture shows some of the seed which has been checked by one of the members of our Seed Reception team. At this stage it is still in the donors' packets and has been filed in small boxes. It is waiting to be amalgamated with the other four reception teams' seed, into one alphabetical series.

The second picture shows my front room a few months ago, piled high with 100+ boxes which are sent out to packers who pack the seed into the neat little packets.

And my last picture is similar to Jim's and shows the seed racked up at Pershore, waiting for the Seed Distribution team to make up the orders.

Contribution from Eric Duma 08 December 2011, 04:13top / bottom of page
Problems with Ordering

I have completed my order but cannot find how to submit it and pay for it. Please, any help is welcome.

Contribution from Diane Clement 08 December 2011, 13:09top / bottom of page

Eric, you need to click the 'Order Completed' button and you will be taken back to the main Seed Exchange page. 

As you are an Overseas AGS Member, your Main Seed Order is included as part of your membership, and at this point you then need to click the button "Submit your order" on this page.

Contribution from Eric Duma 08 December 2011, 15:04top / bottom of page

Thanks Diane,

Initially, there was no submit payment button or credit card payment info. This final time it appeared. I have paid for and submitted my requests.

Thank You Again

Contribution from Peter Maguire 09 December 2011, 21:33top / bottom of page

Extremely impressed with the online ordering system, especially the ability to flick across to Google and view information about the various species available.

Many thanks to all who have made this possible.

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