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AGS Seed Exchange: Seed Exchange 2012 now on line

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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 27 November 2012, 08:26top / bottom of page

This year's seed list is now online. It has also been posted out to all members so you should shortly be receiving your print copy. Thanks to all the donors and helpers and special thanks to Jim for all his hard work with the technical wizardry.

AGS Seed Exchange online

Contribution from Stephen Marshall 27 November 2012, 13:41top / bottom of page

The system is fantastic. It just makes me weep that we have such a tiny garden and there is no point in my ordering many of these beautiful things. No more pots either, my wife has told me!

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 27 November 2012, 14:22top / bottom of page

First time I've used the online system........brilliant, especially the google links.

Thanks to all involved

Contribution from MARY LYONS 28 November 2012, 14:31top / bottom of page

Agreed,this is a really well thought out and user friendly system - many congratulations to the designer / developer.I used to waste hours pouring through books trying to find the plants listed - the Google links are a godsend.

Just one question - how can I save my selection and go back to it at a later date ,rather than having to do it all at once?

Contribution from Diane Clement 28 November 2012, 21:09top / bottom of page

Thanks for all the comments, it's nice to see the site up and working successfully. 

Mary, you asked how can you save your selection and go back to it at a later date? If you just log out, or go away from the site it automatically remembers your selection so far. So when you next log on, your order is there, ready to be edited or added to.



Contribution from Diane Clement 28 November 2012, 21:49top / bottom of page

Today was our first day at Pershore to set up the seed ready for making up the orders.

First the packed seed boxes have to be opened, brown wrapping paper is removed and the instruction sheets and all other contents are removed from the box (spare rubber bands, instruction sheets, spare packets, etc), just leaving the actual seed in the box.

The boxes now just contain the seed which is ready to be removed from the box.

Now the rubber bands have to be removed which are holding each type of the seed together

and the seed is put into wooden racks, with numbered cards inbetween each separate number.

when the seed is racked up, it looks like this.

When we have finished, there will be 16 - 20 of these racks, each containing about 5000 packets of seed.

Contribution from Margaret Mellows 30 November 2012, 10:33top / bottom of page

I think very few people realise just how many hours of work Diane puts into the seed exchange. I have been involved for many years in a minor capacity and can value the commitment and expertise she gives to it.In any industry it would be a full time job all year long. We all owe her a tremendous vote of thanks for this. Well done, Diane.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 30 November 2012, 19:11top / bottom of page

"Hear, Hear" Margaret, we should all appreciate the tremendous efforts of Diane and the entire seed distribution team (including your own personal contribution over ever so many years) and we thank you all for your continuing endeavours on our behalves.

Contribution from Raymond Dunkerton 01 December 2012, 01:02top / bottom of page


Contribution from Evelyn Stevens 01 December 2012, 14:39top / bottom of page

I am very impressed with how it all works. Congratulations. It is a real pleasure to use and we are all very lucky. Thank you to all involved.

Evelyn Stevens

Contribution from Steen Kristensen 01 December 2012, 16:02top / bottom of page

Thank you for this well functioning order system. As I moved to a cottage house with a very large garden, I am planning a rather large Alpine bed, and I am happy to be able to get at lot of interesting new plants through the seed exchange.

Contribution from Carol Madden 03 December 2012, 09:53top / bottom of page

I really had no idea just how much work Diane and her team put into the exchange until she came to talk to our local AGS group. Very humbleing. I thought I was doing well donating a bit of seed! Now I realise that was only scratching the surface. Thank you, everyone.

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