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AGS Seed Exchange: Seed Exchange 2017-18

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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 25 November 2017, 08:11top / bottom of page

This years Seed List has been posted out to all members and you should receive it in the next few days.  Online ordering is also now available and we encourage as many members as possible to order in this way.  Please go to the following page for information about how to order online:

AGS Seed Exchange

We will start making up orders in a couple of weeks' time.

A big thank to all donors and helpers who make it all happen.

Contribution from Brian Whyer 26 November 2017, 10:54top / bottom of page

Thank you Diane, and team. It all worked great as usual . I dropped out a few times when I mistyped but there it was, just as I left it, when I went back in.

One feature I particularly like is the ability to choose which are 1st or 2nd choices at the end of your selection, by editting your list. You can overrun your allocation in either 1st or 2nd choices while going through the list and "weed" it out before completion. There may be a limit to how many 1st or 2nd initial choices you can make but I haven't found it yet ;-)

Contribution from John Dixon 27 November 2017, 09:44top / bottom of page

I'll second those thoughts, many thanks to all involved.

When we have the new website, please don't alter the seed list at all, it's perfect just as it is, (and how many things can we say that about?)

Regards, John

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