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AGS Seed Exchange: Seed Exchange 2015-16

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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 23 October 2015, 15:43top / bottom of page
Seed Reception

Thanks to all donors for their seed donations this year.  Here's a selection of donations waiting to be filed into our brown filing envelopes

Seed Reception

And here the seed is being filed into the appropriate envelopes.  There are 12,000 envelopes at this stage, but not all will be used this year.

The seed is then all checked for accuracy, viability, leaking envelopes, and then numbers are allocated.  Volunteers then have to write the numbers on each of the packets (approximately 10,000)

Here's Brian Russ, AGS vice-president, spending a second day numbering seed.  His wide knowledge of plants and seeds is a great help to us.

Contribution from John Richards 23 October 2015, 16:56top / bottom of page

Well done Diane, I am vastly impressed and looking forward to the seed already!

Contribution from Jack Meatcher 27 October 2015, 17:28top / bottom of page
Seed packing


Just so I can set some time aside in my diary, when will the boxes be sent out to the packers?

Jack Meatcher

Contribution from Paul Ranson 27 October 2015, 22:08top / bottom of page

Ours arrived today so presumably yours is on its way.

Contribution from Diane Clement 27 October 2015, 23:45top / bottom of page

Glad to know yours arrived, Paul.

Jack, yours will be in a few days.  It's quite a complex logistical process as there are lots of variables when we are allocating 100 boxes to packers.

Contribution from Diane Clement 25 November 2015, 00:19top / bottom of page

We have been very busy racking up seed packets ready for orders to start to be made up in a couple of weeks' time.  The seed lists are now in the post to all members and the seed list will go live online this Saturday.  Please check your log in and password details in advance of the weekend.


Contribution from Wim Snoeijer 28 November 2015, 08:16top / bottom of page
Seed Exchange 2015-16

I big THANK YOU for all AGS volunteers for processing this job. It really is great! Also the contribution of seeds by the AGS members is impressive, to say the least. For me the main reason to be an AGS member. 

The online ordering is extremely easy. Many thanks indeed for organizing the ordering this way. 

Wim Snoeijer


Contribution from Janet Fielden 28 November 2015, 08:39top / bottom of page

Thank you so much for your efficiency and clarity. So easy to do. Look forward to receiving my "Christmas present"

Contribution from June Hall 28 November 2015, 09:46top / bottom of page

Thanks for the chance to order from this exciting seedlist, and ordering  was made very easy.    Looking forward to a seedsy Christmas!!

Contribution from cynthia sladen 28 November 2015, 13:51top / bottom of page

So easy to order. Some wonderful items. Thank you all for your hard work

Contribution from Raymond Dunkerton 30 November 2015, 04:22top / bottom of page

Very easy and if I find it so then everyone should.   Raymond Dunkerton             Queensland     Auistralia    30th November    23015

Contribution from Diane Clement 02 December 2015, 08:53top / bottom of page

Thanks to everyone for their comments.  It's good to know the system has been working well for members, thanks to webmaster Jim McGregor beavering away behind the scenes to make it all work smoothly. 

It's been busy since the seed list went on line at the weekend, over 600 orders submitted online so far, and a large number sent by post.  Another big thanks must go to the helpers so far who have been busy in the store room at Pershore, racking up the packeted seed into numerical order in 20 wooden racks.  There's about 90,000 packets in total this year.

If you haven't ordered yet, there's still time to place your order.  Online ordering is easy and reduces the work for the volunteers!

AGS Seed Exchange Online ordering

Contribution from Michael Collen 02 December 2015, 14:26top / bottom of page
Finalising the on-line order

Hesitate to criticise what is in almost all ways is a wonderful system. I have the same comment as last year. Namely, the final stages are not obvious, in particular an order is not "complete" if surplus seed is also wanted.

Contribution from Diane Clement 03 December 2015, 10:50top / bottom of page

Yes, this is correct.  If you wish to order Main and Surplus seeds, you need to “Complete” both orders, and then “Submit” them. 
This information is contained in the instructions here:

How to order online  in the section "Main and Surplus Orders".

I know there are a lot of instructions, but the system has to be able to cope with all sorts of variables.  

Your order has come through correctly, Michael, so you clearly sorted this out in the end.  Of course we will look at all comments for next year to see what we can improve.   

Contribution from Nils-Jorgen Rasmussen 04 December 2015, 19:34top / bottom of page
Google link to help deciding what should be first and second choices

This is probably a suggestion to webmaster Jim McGregor
Scenario: After I have gone through the seed list and selected candidates for this year's wishlist I now are left with a total list of 83 candidates some of which are set to be first choices while the rest are second choices.
But is this the right mark up between first and second choices? It's super easy to move around, but in this situation I sorely miss the google links directly from the selected candidates.
It should be very easy to make a really good system even better, because you already have the code in the main seed list.
Consider this my supplementary wish - Merry Christmas to all!
:-)  NJR


Contribution from Peter Bestley 04 December 2015, 20:57top / bottom of page
Excellent website

I want to thank those who have produced such an excellent website for selecting seeds. Given the vast number of taxa available it has been a pleasure to use. I am fortunate in having twin monitors and on the other screen I ave the Alpine Plant Encylopedia open so I can get more details on many of the plant for which seed has been made available. Many thanks to all those involved in this excellent project.

Contribution from Ronald Linford Linford 11 December 2015, 14:19top / bottom of page
Thanks for a great job WELL DONE

Contribution from Jim McGregor 17 December 2015, 16:35top / bottom of page

Good suggestion from Nils-Jorgen two posts back. I have now added Google links to the page that lists your main seed order.

Contribution from Paul Ranson 19 December 2015, 17:22top / bottom of page

Seeds received today, all A choices bar three. Many thanks to Diane and the team.

Contribution from John Good 19 December 2015, 17:28top / bottom of page

Seed received, labelled and stored in the fridge today, nearly all first choices. Roll on spring!

Contribution from Brian Whyer 20 December 2015, 19:53top / bottom of page

Mine came yesterday too, sown today. Not sure what this weather is going to do to germination timing. I got more second choices than first. Think this says more about the member than the society.

Contribution from Diane Clement 20 December 2015, 20:13top / bottom of page

Brian, I think this says you weren't a donor!!  Donors' orders are processed first as without donors, there would be no seed exchange. 

Thanks to everyone for their comments, it's good to know the post is getting through.   

Contribution from ian mcdonald 21 December 2015, 11:47top / bottom of page

Seeds received with most of first choices, thanks for a well run exchange.

Contribution from Brian Whyer 21 December 2015, 17:29top / bottom of page

Not complaining, great service. After working on the exchange on and off for so many years just surprised I got my seed so early, not having donated this year. Long gone are the days when I used to be packing seed into packets between Christmas and new years day.

Contribution from Diane Clement 22 December 2015, 10:18top / bottom of page

Yes, the timing has changed over the years.  The seed is packed between late October and mid Novermber, and we start picking orders when posted orders arrive from round the world, so be fair to all.  The aim is to post out as many donors' orders before Christmas as possible.  Depending on how much help we get picking orders, we have usually managed to post quite a few non-donors' orders as well.  I think we've posted about 600 in total so far.  No orders will be picked or posted for a fortnight over the Christmas and New Year break, so I'm currently putting together the paperwork for US, Australian and New Zealand orders, ready to post them after Christmas.  

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