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AGS Seed Exchange: Seed Exchange 2014 - 15

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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 27 November 2014, 14:18top / bottom of page

The 2014/15 Seed Exchange will go on-line this Saturday, 29th November.  Print copies of the Seed List have also now been mailed out.  UK members will receive their copy with the  December Journal in a day or two.  Copies to overseas members have already been posted out, and you will receive it in a separate posting.  I request that if at all possible that you order on-line as it cuts our processing  time significantly.  It is also a good way to prepare your list, using the Google Pictures links, and it is easy to edit your 1st and 2nd choices.  If you haven't recently logged into the site, it would be a good idea to test your log in details so you are ready to order.

Thank you!

Diane Clement

AGS Seed Director 

Contribution from Yann DUPONT 29 November 2014, 07:54top / bottom of page

Top notch system, selection made in few minutes. thanks to the team!

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 29 November 2014, 12:26top / bottom of page

It really is good, so easy. Well done

Contribution from Otto Slaby 29 November 2014, 12:53top / bottom of page

Have a overseas members pay 8LB for sending requested sedd?

Contribution from Diane Clement 29 November 2014, 13:35top / bottom of page

Otto, overseas single members receive their order free (included in your membership). 

Family overseas members receive the first order free, but must pay £8 if they would like a second order. 

Contribution from John Dixon 29 November 2014, 13:49top / bottom of page

Thank you to everyone involved with the seed exchange. it doesn't get any easier than this. Whatever did we do before...



Contribution from Otto Slaby 29 November 2014, 13:54top / bottom of page

But, I can not get threw on-line. Want payment on me.

Contribution from Celia Wright 29 November 2014, 13:55top / bottom of page
Best ever

Thanks Diane.  The system is so easy to use - except for the problem that's always there - which seeds to choose.  That's the hard bit with such a good selection.

Contribution from MARY LYONS 29 November 2014, 15:25top / bottom of page

Brilliant system - someone has put a lot of thought and effort into it.

I have not looked at the paper format at all - I wonder if there is a way for those of us who only use the on-line system can opt out of receiving the paper copy,as it seems such a shame for you to go to the trouble and expense of posting it needlessly.

Contribution from Lee and Julie Martin 29 November 2014, 15:43top / bottom of page

Brilliant. Thanks Diane, Jim and all the Seed Exchange Team for an excellent system. Agree with John above and remember the old days of struggling through the paper system and wondering whether it got through in the post with Christmas mail delays. Thanks again, it's so easy to use.

Lee and Julie

Contribution from june saddington 29 November 2014, 18:41top / bottom of page
Iris mystery

Hi, i think I've noticed that Iris danfordiae, Iris decora and Iris dichotoma are listed on the online seed lists, but not listed in the paper seed list that came through the post....


Contribution from Diane Clement 29 November 2014, 19:11top / bottom of page

June, the online list is the same as the printed list.
Iris danfordiae is 5558 in the Bulbil list and the other two are in the addendum, Iris decora is 5391 and Iris dichotoma is 5392

Contribution from june saddington 29 November 2014, 19:19top / bottom of page

Ah, I see.... sorry for the confusion, thanks for your help.

Contribution from Cliff Booker 29 November 2014, 20:12top / bottom of page

Incredible system that is a pleasure to use ... many thanks to everyone involved with this wonderful seed distribution.

Contribution from Stephen Mathews 29 November 2014, 22:24top / bottom of page

Excellent facility and many thanks to all those who have put so much work in.

Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 30 November 2014, 03:59top / bottom of page

Hi Diane,

Thanks to you and your team for another great list and the smooth system for ordering! I only got up to te letter 'r' by the time I'd filled out all the spaces!



Contribution from Vivienne Condon 01 December 2014, 08:05top / bottom of page

Thank you seed team, just wonderful, loved how you can google pics and return just where you left off, just love it. Agree with comments about choosing to use Online or paper you should be able to save on paper and overseas mail costs.

Kind regards Viv Condon 

Contribution from Antony Wilson 01 December 2014, 14:09top / bottom of page
Payment by DD on line

Seems impossible - a pity as you say in the paper list that it is the cheapest (and easiest)

Tony Wilson


PS A great list- keep up the great work

Contribution from John Good 01 December 2014, 21:13top / bottom of page

Just finished my order, thanks again Diane for your excellent work and to Jim for helping with getting the online ordering process to work so smoothly. 

Contribution from Susan More 01 December 2014, 23:25top / bottom of page

Hi Diane and all her helpers.  Thank you for another wonderful seed list.  The format is very easy to use and it is indeed great to be able to click 'google' and see the plant.  I agree with others, and would be more than happy to go without a printed copy.

Susan More


Contribution from Ivan Miles 20 December 2014, 15:01top / bottom of page
Seeds arrived

I've just received my seeds today, the majority from my 1st choice and balance from 2nd. I am very pleased and would like to say thank you to all the team.



Contribution from june saddington 20 December 2014, 19:04top / bottom of page

My seeds arrived safely today, many from the 1st choice list and the rest from the 2nd choice list.

Thankyou for a wonderful and easy system, its a credit to the Society. :-)

Contribution from John Richards 22 December 2014, 11:40top / bottom of page
Happy Christmas

Well done Diane and all the gang. My seed arrived today, the best Christmas present ever!

Contribution from John Good 22 December 2014, 17:38top / bottom of page

And mine! Happy Christmas Diane and I hope you have a reasonably relaxing festive break.

Contribution from Diane Clement 23 December 2014, 10:55top / bottom of page

Thanks to everyone for their contributions here, all comments and ideas are taken on board!

From the beginning of September it's always a hectic time getting the seed checked, sorted, filed, numbered and out to packers. Then at the end of November the packed seed is returned to Pershore and the orders come flooding in and need processing and making up.  So it's really good to hear that the seed orders are now arriving, a culmination of many weeks work. 

A big thank you to all the seed donors, and all the packers and helpers without whom it wouldn't work.  We all now take a well earned break before we start again in the New Year.  Season's Greetings to all.

Diane Clement, AGS Seed Director


Contribution from Fionnuala Broughan 29 December 2014, 19:15top / bottom of page
WorldPay doesn't seem to be working...?

Hello all, it's my first time to order seed and the online system is great - thank you. I've compiled my list, but I can't seem to pay! I tried yesterday and today (29/12) but the connection to the WorldPay server just times out. Has anyone else had this problem? 

Thanks and Happy New Year to all.


Contribution from Diane Clement 29 December 2014, 22:20top / bottom of page

Hi Fionnula

Sorry you're having problems with the site.  I'm looking into it and have sent you a pm


Contribution from Diane Whitehead 30 December 2014, 02:19top / bottom of page
pink or blue highlighting

Great excitement - my seeds arrived today.

A few of the packets have the numbers highlighted with either pink or blue.

What does this signify?

Diane in Canada

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 30 December 2014, 08:11top / bottom of page

Hi Diane, the colours are there to help the order pickers keep legal and ensure seed in short supply is evenly distributed. Blue means banned from the USA. Pink means seed in short supply, the number of pink packets in each order is limited to ensure rarities get spread around to keep the process as fair as we can.

Happy germination!


Martin Rogerson

Contribution from Diane Whitehead 31 December 2014, 01:00top / bottom of page

Thank you, Martin.

The only blue one I received is Castilleja thompsonii collected by Ron Ratko. It is very odd that the U.S. doesn't want their own seeds back.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 31 December 2014, 09:10top / bottom of page

I'd guess the US doesn't want 'foreign' castilleja into the country and I'm not sure any of our buraucracies could cope with the idea of seed being exported just to be imported again. They might rightly consider us mad or at least eccentric!

Contribution from Diane Clement 31 December 2014, 09:41top / bottom of page

Seed of all Castilleja species are banned for US members because the USDA don't allow seed of any parasitic species to be imported.  Yes, I've always thought it odd that they don't want their own species back.  It's also odd that they don't want seed of state and nationally endangered species such as various species of Astragalus and Eriogonium.  For the full list of what we can't send to the US, the list is here:  US restricted seed list 

Diane Clement AGS Seed Director


Contribution from Valerie Melanson 09 March 2015, 17:28top / bottom of page
Seeds arrive

Wonderful seeds as always, thank you so much. All sown and being treated to cold strat, outdoor treatment or hot mat, as appropriate.   FYI: The seeds were held by Canada Border Services Agency from c. December 23. After providing them a list of what I has requested they finally cleared and seeds arrived Feb 26th, without being inspected.  Same thing happened to June Strandbert, her's arriving c. March 6th.  I don't know what can be done aside from appending a list of contents in one of those clear plastic bags on the outside of the packet.  

Contribution from Diane Clement 12 March 2015, 21:29top / bottom of page

Glad your seed arrived safely Valerie.  We seem to have increasing problems with the importation of seed to various countries, but I hope we can continue to work with the regulations for each country to ensure members across the world can receive seeds from the exchange.

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