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Started by: Diane Clement

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Contribution from Diane Clement 04 October 2012, 08:17top / bottom of page

The Seed Reception team are currently very busy processing seed donations. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their seed already. If you still have seed to send in, please send it as soon as possible before 10 October. If you have lost your form, it is available here, with full instructions on who to send your seed to:

If you think your seed may arrive late, please send your list to me by email:

With the poor weather that many of us have experienced this year, the donations are likely to be down a bit, but we have still received some excellent donations,  Thanks to all who have made the effort to collect and send in their seed.

Contribution from Diane Clement 05 October 2012, 09:52top / bottom of page

Just to remind donors that your seed should be sent in clean of chaff, husks etc. If you need guidance on how to clean seed, please refer to the excellent article written by Vic Aspland which was originally in The Alpine Gardener, but is available as pdf to read or download on the AGS seed site: 

Seed Cleaning made easy (424Kb)

I have all sorts of sieves, but most of those sold for gardening use have large size holes. If you do an internet search for “Gardening sieve” or “Gardening riddle” you will find lots, but most are designed for sieving out stones from compost, so look carefully at the grid size. I think those sold for kitchen use are better suited to seed cleaning, and managed to buy a set of small kitchen sieves from Poundland or similar (sold as tea/coffee strainers) – 4 different sizes for £1 which I thought was a bargain.

I also use a plain white plate and a sharp knife – shaking and dividing can separate a lot of chaff by gravity and static.

Good luck with the cleaning! and we look forward to your seed donation.


Contribution from Tim Ingram 08 October 2012, 19:14top / bottom of page

Just a quick follow on about seed cleaning - a good job for a wet day, which today has been! Most seed has been quite straightforward using seives etc. as recommended... but there is always one! in this case an Onosma which just won't release its seed and each capsule (nicely prickly) has to be worked through individually. but onosmas are rather good plants and the little shiny seed fascinating in detail. This embroidery lamp is very useful and the lens helps in confirming the quality of very fine seed. Twenty five done, about the same to go...

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