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AGS Seed Exchange: Orders still coming in

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Started by: Judy Rhymes

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Contribution from Judy Rhymes 11 March 2010, 09:35top / bottom of page

A few late orders have arrived, and Colin is still being kept busy picking these - his assistant had a bad case of 'number dyslexia' and had to be fortified with tea and biscuits before being able to continue!

The seed packets are now in boxes rather than the racks, so the 'keep fit' race around the room has been reduced to a trot along the row.

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 11 March 2010, 09:47top / bottom of page

Sorry about the size of the picture - I'm still very much a beginner, and have just discovered I can reduce the size of pictures for web-postings. Jon - can we have a photography tips thread, please?

Contribution from Jon Evans 11 March 2010, 12:50top / bottom of page

Hi Judy

If you look in the Help with Making Contributions topic you will find a thread on adding photographs ( I don't know whether this link will work or not).

The forum software will automatically reduce photos to 600 pixels wide, so it is only portrait shots which come out bigger than that.

Personally, I always reduce my pictures to 600 pixels on their longest side before posting them, so they post quickly, but it is hard to give detailed instructions on how to do that without knowing what software you have access to for working with images.

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 11 March 2010, 22:32top / bottom of page

Thanks, Jon. I will check out the adding photos thread, experiment with my pictures and have another attempt.

Contribution from Susan Read 19 March 2010, 10:30top / bottom of page

This may not be the right place for this comment, but I find cropping (and saving the cropped version with its new file suffix!) helps to preserve quality as well as going some way to reduce file size and time easily. Most software will allow you to choose any aspect ratio, eg square.

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 19 March 2010, 17:33top / bottom of page

Thank you, Susan. I have been experimenting with cropping since (I think Colin may be glad I hadn't discovered that before posting his picture - I dread to think what may have happened!). I have just posted my first article about the AGS garden - which includes cropped photos and I'd also discovered the web pictures mode on my camera, which I now can't work out how to cancel - will keep trying.

Feedback on my article appreciated - I've set up a new thread under the Show Gardens area.

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