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AGS Seed Exchange: On-line Ordering 2010 - 2011

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Started by: Margaret Mellows

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Contribution from Margaret Mellows 27 November 2010

A brilliant and yet simple way to order seeds.  Well done to all the technical people who made this possible.

Contribution from Diane Clement 27 November 2010, 11:53top / bottom of page

And well done to all the donors and all the helpers, who by a magnificent team effort make it all happen (especially you, Margaret, playing a very important part in the Seed exchange)

To order seed on-line, click here:

AGS Seed Exchange 2010-11 on-line ordering

Contribution from Helen Poirier 27 November 2010, 13:31top / bottom of page
Congrats to all involved

I think ordering was even easier to use this year than last.

Congrats and many thanks to everyone involved, to the tech people and to the long line of seed people,from donors , to sorters and packers.

Hope I didn't miss anyone :-)

Contribution from Cliff Booker 27 November 2010, 14:20top / bottom of page

So easy, even I could do it!

Wonderful system ... many thanks to everyone involved in any way with this superb distribution of nature's moondust.

Contribution from Ivan Miles 27 November 2010, 19:19top / bottom of page
On-line seed exchange

I found this system very easy and quick to use. I found the links to the pictures and details very useful.

Contribution from Mel Linney 27 November 2010, 19:29top / bottom of page

Well done to everyone involved. As last year I've launched my order into cyber space and same as last year it was a breeze.


Contribution from Edward Wilcox 27 November 2010, 22:32top / bottom of page

The ordering is great particularly ordering by numbers and being able to quickly check the names. It was also easier to choose genera for the surplus seed. the only problem is I cannot find a to pay button on the main page after putting in the details of my main and surplus order.

Ted Wilcox

This is the page it is showing for the main order.

Apologies the page was a png and did not attach here it is as a jpg.

Ted Wilcox

Contribution from Colin Dolding 28 November 2010, 00:01top / bottom of page

Ted, from memory I think if you view your order, then click on order completed. Then scroll down where,at the end of your order should be a box to pay by worldpay. Click and follow instructions. (Sorry only from memory as our broadband is so poor it has taken 15 mins to post this)

Thank you to everyones great comments about the system. Will look again in the morning.

Contribution from Edward Wilcox 28 November 2010, 00:34top / bottom of page

I have just tried again on a Windows computer with Explorer and clicking on completed from the order showed the pay button. This may have been a bug at my end or possibly settings on my Linux/Firefox preventing part of the system working. All done now so I am happy, it is, or should be much easier than writing it all out and sending it off.

Contribution from Karen Howard 28 November 2010, 10:53top / bottom of page

This has turned a rather long pen and paper exercise which could get very messy if you made a mistake into a few easy clicks. You can even print your list off at the end. I must congratulate all concerned for your excellant website. Whats more it does not fall over or time out and the links through to google all work. WELL DONE

Contribution from cynthia sladen 28 November 2010, 11:15top / bottom of page

So easy. Well done.

Contribution from John Richards 28 November 2010, 16:44top / bottom of page

I quite agree; simply brilliant. I wonder, is there any way in future years that one could ask to be alerted by email that the list was published? Then again, I seem to remember that on-line requests before the list is sent out are not given precedence?

Contribution from Flavien Feriolo 28 November 2010, 21:00top / bottom of page

Very well done, quick and simple

it's a very good idea

thank you from France

Contribution from Susan More 28 November 2010, 22:29top / bottom of page

Fantastic. This is the way to order. I especially like being able to open the Google information in another page and the fact that it puts everything in order for me.

Well done. While I know that it is snowy weather in places over there - it is a beautiful sunny, 25deg day here in New Zealand, which makes it harder to get down to ordering when one should be weeding.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 28 November 2010, 23:05top / bottom of page

Pleased you are all enjoying using the online ordering.

Day one online orders will be picked along with day one postal orders UK and day one postal orders Europe and day one postal orders Rest of World.

Contribution from Donald Hodson 29 November 2010, 17:59top / bottom of page
Well done . . .

. . . to all at the distribution. One oddity - the order page refused to recognise item 154

Contribution from Colin Dolding 30 November 2010, 16:12top / bottom of page

Thank you Donald. 154 has appeared on your order OK at this end.

Contribution from Celia Wright 30 November 2010, 23:55top / bottom of page
I can't pay

I thought the system was excellent until I tried to pay. I've tried using both Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 and neither offers me an option to pay for my seed order. What should I do next?

Contribution from Colin Dolding 01 December 2010, 00:13top / bottom of page

Hello Celia. Sorry you have experienced a problem, please look further back on this thread where I have replied to Edward on 28th Nov at 00.01hrs! This worked for him, so please could you give that a try?

Contribution from Celia Wright 01 December 2010, 07:59top / bottom of page

Thank you Colin. I'd already tried your suggestion last night and was unsuccessful. This morning I've used Iain's computer instead of mine, and after reclicking on every "Order complete" button I could find, the WorldPay section finally appeared on the page. Odd, but successful.

Contribution from MARY LYONS 01 December 2010, 11:04top / bottom of page

An extremely well thought out set-up , and the ability to search on google for images etc is superb.Congratulations to all who have devised this!

Just one query , once it says your main order has been processed , I assume there is no further confirmation ?

Contribution from MARY LYONS 01 December 2010, 11:19top / bottom of page

Oops , just received an e mail confirming my order.You have thought of everything!

Contribution from Luc Gilgemyn 02 December 2010, 14:42top / bottom of page

Great system !

Thanks to all who made this happen !!

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