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AGS Seed Exchange: Official closing date for seed donations is Oct 11

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Started by: John Humphries

So sort out all those contributions, get them packaged and sent off.

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Contribution from Jim Divers 13 December 2006, 12:19top / bottom of page
AGS Seed Distribution

Wonderful!! Received a package this morning containing my selection from the Seed Exchange. Great service and many thanks to all those behind the scenes. Jim Divers

Contribution from John Humphries 13 December 2006, 15:47top / bottom of page
Arrived today

All in good condition despite the worries about the new Mail crushers for small packets. More first choices than alternatives, gret will be planting this week-end.

Thanks to all involved.

Contribution from Ben Probert 15 December 2006, 20:58top / bottom of page

Lovely to come home and find that padded envelope from the AGS! Seem to have many lovely aroids for me to grow! Fantastic.

Contribution from Fermi de Sousa 23 January 2007, 06:09top / bottom of page
They've arrived!

The AGS Seedex seed has arrived but our Quarantine Inspection has removed a couple of packets as "prohibited". Didn't get many "first" choices but I'll send the request back earlier next time! cheers fermi Redesdale, Australia

Contribution from Colin Dolding 14 January 2008, 23:32top / bottom of page
Main Seed Distribution 2007/8

All the main seed orders are nearly completed now and we will shortly be starting on the many surplus orders. A big thank you to all the donors this year who provided us with a good quantity of seed in spite of the challenging season.

Contribution from Rimmer de Vries 15 January 2008, 13:34top / bottom of page
New Member -is it too late to participate in the main seed distributio

I just became a member and received my AGS seed list in the post yesterday 14 Jan 08. Is it too late to send in a request to the main distribution? I have a USA small seed lot permit. Regards Rimmer deVries Mihigan USA modified continental -20F

Contribution from Colin Dolding 17 January 2008, 23:56top / bottom of page
Seed ordering

Welcome to the AGS Rimmer. I suggest you email your choices directly to me at and then send your permit and papers to Diane whose address I will give you by return of email. We have actually just finished the main distribution but there are still plenty of interesting seeds in the racks. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Colin.

Contribution from Michael and Caryl Baron 01 April 2008, 10:36top / bottom of page
Narcissus seed

The seed exchange is a great thing but I do worry about the narcissi seed. I plant the ones of my own that I want to keep, immediately, and they germinate in a very few months. The ones from the distributation either come up eventually, very poorly, or not at all. I send a lot of narcissus seed to the seed exchange but am unhappy that they are not surviving. I refrigerate them until it is time to send them. I would much rather send them to people who would really like them as soon as they are ripe. Any one out there who is interested? Caryl Baron

Narcissus seed

Contribution from Sandra Rice 05 April 2008, 19:01top / bottom of page
Narcissus seed

We are all very aware that much of the early seed loses viability with keeping, and waiting for the main distribution in December and January. Even if kept in a frig for part of the time, there are periods during the collection/distribution process where this is not possible. We are open to new ideas, but finding an answer that is practically possible is very difficult without more volunteers willing to manage the process. All suggestions will be welcomed and considered, keep the ideas coming.

Contribution from John Humphries 06 April 2008, 13:31top / bottom of page
Early seed, ephemerals and short viability.

This is a very relevant topic for the seed exchange.

Caryl raises a very valid point which is partly addressed by some of the specialist societies having an earlier distribution process.

In particulat the Fritillaria and Cyclamen societies, mindful of the need to sow before the winter both carry out their distribution before that season.

However, where we are distributing many thousands of varieties across a very wide range of species there is no easy way to address all the individual needs.

However, members who also donate, and who submit their requests at the earliest opportunity, often receive their seed within a matter of days and are therefore able to progress with sowing in the best possible conditions before our winter season has commenced.

This is very much better than many other societies whose process takes several weeks at best.

Re-iterating Sandra's request, if anyone has ideas for improving the process for these short viability seed, please add them here.

Contribution from Diane Clement 13 April 2008, 21:55top / bottom of page
Narcissus seed

I am surprised at the suggestion that Narcissus seed has short viability. I sow Narcissus seed most years (from various sources) usually in January and find it is a reliable germinator, typically in April or even into May.

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