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AGS Seed Exchange: Helpers Wanted

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Started by: Alexandra Rice

Offer to join the team at Pershore for a day pickng orders

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Contribution from Sandra Rice 29 June 2008, 12:06top / bottom of page

Each year we try to make the job of picking seed orders a more enjoyable and efficient experience. I will soon be starting to make up the rota for the 2008 Distribution. If you live within range of Pershore and would like to come along for a day - or more - please contact the AGS centre and your name will be passed on to me. New additions to the team are always VERY welcome. It is a great way to meet and exchange ideas with members from other areas over a cup of tea or coffee and a cake.

Contribution from Giles Reed 22 November 2009, 12:00top / bottom of page

If there is anybody coming in to Pershore to help with the distribution (or who lives near Pershore) who would like some free seedlings of Tropaeolum, please let me know.

I've got: azureum, brachyceras, lepidum, peltophorum and tricolor.

Contribution from Chris McGregor 22 November 2009, 19:51top / bottom of page

Hi Giles

I would very much like a seedling of T. azureum please if you have one to spare - Jim killed the last one we had! Look forward to seeing you when you vist HQ.

Contribution from Giles Reed 23 November 2009, 10:37top / bottom of page

I'll bring it in when I'm at College this week.


Only tricolor left now. (Sorry).

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