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AGS Seed Exchange: Have you collected any seed yet?

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Started by: Alexandra Rice

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Contribution from Sandra Rice 29 June 2008, 11:59top / bottom of page

The instructions for seed donors were included in the June Alpine Gardener, so you should all have a copy. Now is a good time to start collecting, cleaning and saving seed to send in to the 2008 Seed Distribution. Every little donation really does help. Try to collect a few seeds, join the fun and keep the receivers busy.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 12 July 2008, 12:08top / bottom of page

All this heavy rain has made it interesting collecting some seed this year again. We are persevering though and hopefully a lot of other members are as well. A good quantity of seed is needed this year so even if you only have small amounts, please send them in. All members who send in 5 or more different species preferably suitable for rockgarden or alpine house will receive priority at distribution. Thank you all who donate and participate in any way. Best wishes, Colin Dolding.

Contribution from Frank Tindall 15 July 2008, 07:46top / bottom of page
Seed for the 08 o9 Distribution

Yes i have made a start Colin, early things like bulb seed is in the pkts,Daphnes,dicentras need watching daily. So I have made astart I know others have.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 17 July 2008, 16:54top / bottom of page

Thank you Frank. Some seed has already started to come in mainly from the Southern Hemisphere. My Rhodohypoxis outside are setting very well this year including thodiana which unlike baurii manages to disperse its' seed on the very day you forget to check it!

Contribution from Gry Heidi Brandsdal 23 July 2008, 06:03top / bottom of page
List for deliering seeds?

I'm a new member here, and I wonder if I'll get a list from you for sending seeds? I've started collecting a few, but it would be nice to know how to send them. Do I send in small portions, packed and labeled, or do I send in big portions for you to split up? Thank you for your patiense with my stupid questions, but I feel beter if I know :)

Contribution from Colin Dolding 23 July 2008, 23:28top / bottom of page

Welcome to the Alpine Garden Society. Thank you for collecting seed for us this year. Please send seed of the same species in one larger packet and we will split them up at this end when we know how much seed of each species has been sent in. All members will receive a seed list this year around the beginning of December. Information of where to send your donated seed should have arrived with your last Alpine Gardener but is also available on this website under "Seed Exchange" . Hope this helps but please reply if you have any other questions.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 13 October 2008, 02:22top / bottom of page

Please remember to send off all those seed you have been collecting for the last few months! If you have forgotten, please email us a list and send the seed on asap. Many thanks to all who have already donated.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 10 June 2009, 05:35top / bottom of page

Just a reminder for you all to start collecting seed ready to donate into the next seed exchange. Further details of what to do and where and when to send in the seed will be in the June Newsletter and Alpine Gardener.

After the success of last year, (orders up by 25% and well over 100,000 packets packed) we will need as many donations as possible. Please consider donating, anyone donating 7 or more different types of seed preferably suitable for the rock garden or alpine house will be given priority and will receive extra allocation. Many thanks.

Contribution from Rodger Whitlock 21 July 2009, 03:32top / bottom of page
PDFs missing

The following URLs do not work. The information about where to send seed and the deadline for receipt should also be on normal webpages, not buried solely in PDF files.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 21 July 2009, 06:21top / bottom of page

Thank you Rodger, I will ask Jim to look at this and hopefully rectify any problems.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 24 July 2009, 01:27top / bottom of page

All working correctly now, many thanks Jim and to Rodger for pointing it out.

Contribution from Colin Dolding 30 September 2009, 17:58top / bottom of page
Seed Donations 2009

Just a gentle reminder to all who have not sent their donations in yet and a BIG thank you to all who have already done so.

Please send in your seed by October 12th to the corresponding address on the donor form.  If you have mislaid your form, you can download it from the Seed Section on the website, click here:

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