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AGS Seed Exchange: Excel copies of seedlists 2007-2013

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Started by: Herman vanderbeek

program to use the seedlists for reference, labelling etc.

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Contribution from Herman vanderbeek 29 January 2014, 22:48top / bottom of page

Hi Diane,
Received your seeds 10 days ago, thank you for all the work done.
I have two suggestions for your web-application (its working fine) :
Is it possible to get the seednumbers with the names, when ordering?
It is easier to copy numbers instead of names.
And, some names are twice or more in seedlist!
Is it possible to send an email to your members, with a list of seeds ordered? (automatically)
I saw the message of Yann and can help her and others.
I am busy (it will take some days) finishing an Excel copy of your PDF's. From 2007 on.
In one workbook!
I made a tool for searching plant names or numbers , if you wish for all the years together
You know the number not the year?  A name without a year? No problem. 
You can make remarks, saved with the plantname, in the seedlist of the right year.
You can easily make  your own lists of seeds received, or add new lists.
Store the names of seed you did not receive for the next distribution etc.
The lists can be used for printing labels with a PC-connected labelling machine.
There are links to images/articles on the web, as to the Ags as well.
I wrote an introduction-page, any knowledge of Excel is not necessary.
Regards, Herman vander Beek


Contribution from Yann DUPONT 30 January 2014, 18:53top / bottom of page

i found a way to convert the pdf to xls

you can download it to this url :

Contribution from Rick Lambert 08 May 2014, 09:26top / bottom of page
Excel seed list

Hi Herman,

You wrote about having compiled an Excel AGS Seed list (2007-2013)

Is this generally available?

I would love some of the 'search' features you describle.

A worn out, broken  or faded label can give a few clues and your database sounds very useful.

Rick Lambert

Contribution from Herman vanderbeek 29 November 2014, 15:15top / bottom of page
Seedlist 2014-15 added


The seedlist 2014-2015 is now available in the Excel-workbook.(see my first contribution)

The seedlists from 2007 on are stored in separated sheets in one .xls file. 

With the search-tool you can find numbers or/and names in one list or a selection of lists. Or make your own lists.

Added is a button (caption "?") to find from a list of names (the seeds you didn't receive last year?) the numbers in the new list- if available. 

If you are interested to receive a copy, log-in and send me an email with title "AGS seedlist" .

With regards, Herman van der Beek.


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