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AGS Seed Exchange: Easy Pack Contents

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Started by: Janice Freshwater

Would 20 'Easy Packs' contain the same as 10 ?

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Contribution from Janice Freshwater 16 December 2013, 21:32top / bottom of page

Were two family members both to request one or more of , say, the alpine garden 'easy seeds' packs, should they expect to receive duplicated contents.?  We would like to give these a go, particularly as time for a leisurely look through the full seed list is not with us this year, and the 'easy' option offers an ideal way out !  However - the prospect of receiving. 40 packets containing only 10 species would be a little disapointing . .   It would be interesting to learn more of this option , particularly as it is available within the 'surplus' seed category.  Otherwise - a great innovation and very welcome !

Contribution from Diane Clement 16 December 2013, 23:05top / bottom of page

Hi Janice, I introduced the Easy Packs last year in response to lots of requests we receive from members who are overwhelmed by the choices in the seed list and needed some help in choosing.  They were very successful last year so we are repeating the idea this year.

This year there are 3 different Easy Packs to choose from:
Pack A: ten packets suitable for a rockery, raised bed, trough etc,
Pack B: ten packets suitable for a border or bed
Pack C: ten packets of bulbous plants.
The seeds are chosen to be easy to germinate and grow on, and none need alpine house or greenhouse cultivation.  I cannot list the contents as these will vary according to availability, but there are not duplicates between the Packs, and rest assured that  if I receive a family order for Easy Packs then I will not duplicate packets.

Diane Clement
Director of the AGS Seed Exchange

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