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AGS Seed Exchange: 2011 Seed safely received

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Started by: John Good

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Contribution from John Good 21 December 2011, 17:18top / bottom of page

My seed arrived safely today in time for me to sow it between Christmas and the new Year, thanks to all involved for their efficient and prompot service.

Contribution from Caroline langensiepen 29 December 2011, 21:23top / bottom of page
Not yet received - but a suggestion?

I cannot recall how soon I received the seeds in last year's exchange, and have started worrying that this year's seeds are lost in the post (order submitted 7th Dec.). My suggestion (if it doesn't cost too much effort), would be to modify the online system so that the automated email on order submission gives an indication of the expected turnaround. That message could then be varied depending on the current backlog of orders. It might stop worry-warts like me.

Contribution from DAVID NEWSOME 30 December 2011, 12:45top / bottom of page
Seed not yet received

This was the first time I ordered on line...on 2nd Dec....a simple task thanks to the ease of use of the system...BUT although the site tells me my order has been processed I have not yet received any seeds so are they lost in the post ???...where are they??? last year they were all safely received and sown by 29th Dec.

Contribution from Diane Clement 30 December 2011, 15:17top / bottom of page

Firstly, thanks for all the thanks and positive comments relating to the online seed ordering. It does all seem to be going very well this year and many orders have already been posted out and we will continue to do so after the 3rd January when the office at Pershore opens and we can resume making up seed orders.

I’ll try and answer the recent questions as best I can, bearing in mind that I am not currently in a position to check the details of any particular orders before 3rd January.

The online notification informs you that your order has been received and your payment has been processed, it has no bearing on the seed order picking process. At that stage, Caroline, we can’t estimate how long it will take for the seed distribution team to process and pick your order. That is dependent on the number of volunteers who come and pick orders and is not possible to quantify.

When dealing with orders, we take allowance for the post to reach overseas members and deal with them as fairly as we can, in line with the on line orders. Donors’ orders are picked before non donors. In your case, David, as a non-donor, we may not have actually filled your order yet, but I can’t check that out until after the 3rd January. If this is later than last year, I am sorry, but as I said before, the process is dependent on the number of volunteers coming in to pick orders.

Before Christmas, we processed, picked and posted out several hundred orders, and it is possible that some may have been delayed since posting out, due to the pressures of Christmas post. I don’t think there is any reason to panic about lost packets at this stage in the holiday period.

The speed that we deal with orders is entirely dependent on the number of volunteers helping with making up the orders at Pershore. I am always on the lookout for new volunteers to help out with the different jobs involved in the Seed Exchange, so if you are able to help, please contact me on .  I’m very grateful to all the volunteers who help out at each stage of the Seed Exchange as without them, there would be no seed exchange.

We will be continuing to make up seed orders in January, so if you can fill a car with volunteers from your group, please come and join us at Pershore and spend a day or more with us making up seed orders.

Diane Clement, Manager, AGS seed exchange

Contribution from Caroline langensiepen 01 January 2012, 15:24top / bottom of page
Thanks Diane

Your explanation was very helpful. I now feel guilty that I cannot come and do order picking! Are there any tasks that might be farmed out to those of us who cannot spare a whole day but might be able to do the odd few hours in the autumn evenings next time round? For example, cleaning and dividing up seeds into individual pkts?

Contribution from Diane Clement 05 January 2012, 07:36top / bottom of page

Thanks, Caroline. Of course, you are already contributing to the Seed Exchange by being a donor.  Without donors, there would be no seed exchange!  We understand that many people can't help because of location or commitments, so we are just grateful to all those that do give their time to help out. Thanks for your offer to do a job at home. What you are describing is the job of packing a box of seed - that job happens from late October to the middle of November. This job actually involves the most volunteers of any stage of the seed exchange, as we need about 100 volunteers to pack a box of seed each year, each box will contain about 1000 - 1200 packets of seed. I will contact you next year to confirm you are still willing to do this.

Contribution from Janet Fielden 15 January 2012, 11:05top / bottom of page

Seeds received yesterday; many thanks. Retiring in the summer so may now be able to help with picking.

Contribution from Diane Clement 15 January 2012, 12:18top / bottom of page

Very pleased to hear, Janet, on all counts!

It's nice to hear that you received your seed safely. Also, good to hear about looming retirement (I haven't yet noticed mine because of work with the seed exchange). Also really pleased that you might be able to help with the Seed Exchange next year. I look forward to hearing from you next year.

Contribution from Ken Curtis 01 February 2012, 13:36top / bottom of page

Just wanted to let you know I received my seed order last week and couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone who works so hard to complete this herculean task. Also, thanks to the tireless efforts of Joyce Fingerut and her many years battle with the USDA, my seeds were inspected by APHIS and placed right back in the mail system with no delays or requests for additional postage.

Contribution from Diane Clement 01 February 2012, 21:53top / bottom of page

Thanks, Ken for letting us know your seed arrived safely. I am still working on the paperwork for some of the US orders and they will shortly be on their way. I also add my thanks to Joyce Fingerut for her help in making the system run smoothly for the US members.

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