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AGS Seed Exchange: 2010/2011 Seed Exchange

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Started by: Billy Moore

The new online ordering system is excellent. Really user friendly. Thank you.

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Contribution from Richard Jeffery 01 December 2010, 19:30top / bottom of page

I have to agree. I used it for the first time last year so I found the process much easier second time around. I must say, the link to plant info and photos is extremely useful. Many thanks. Richard

Contribution from Steve Law 07 December 2010, 09:34top / bottom of page
Excellent - again

What a brilliant system - some retail nurseries should really take note (Edrom - I'm talking about you particularly here)

Contribution from Jon Loose 19 January 2011, 21:39top / bottom of page

Generally an excellent system. It would be goo to be able to search on number to build a printable list of what was received but that's just icing!

Thanks to all

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 19 January 2011, 21:51top / bottom of page

Hi Jon

If you go to the Seed List area, you have the ability to download the entire seed list in pdf format, then just search for the packet number (Control F is the quick way to access the search facility), copy and paste the details into a word processing or spreadsheet document.

Just be warned - if you leave the 'auto correct' on, you may end up with some strange sounding plant names - there speaks the voice of experience - but it does make interesting reading!!

Another word of caution - make sure you download the right seed list!

Contribution from Judy Rhymes 20 January 2011, 21:33top / bottom of page


I've just been experimenting again and, if you ordered on-line, you can view your order, then copy the whole list and paste into a word processing or spreadsheet document. This would save you time, as you would then just delete the packet numbers you did not receive.

Hope my suggestions are helpful to you.

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