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AGS Publications Feedback: Oron Peri - New title - Bulbs of the Eastern Mediterranean

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Started by: Margaret Young

delivery dates?

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Contribution from Margaret Young 12 December 2015, 14:26top / bottom of page

Is this long-awaited new book  still on schedule  for pre Christmas delivery as previously stated in the Book Shop Notes?


Contribution from Diane Clement 12 December 2015, 14:46top / bottom of page

Maggi, the book arrived from the printers at Pershore yesterday.  Seed helpers were co-opted to carry the boxes indoors - a heavy job!  The books are currently being packed to send out next week, so hopefully should arrive before Xmas.

Contribution from Margaret Young 12 December 2015, 19:42top / bottom of page

OOH!  That is good news.  Not  the bit about about the Seed Workers carrying the heavy  boxes - extra cake needed to build you up -  but the imminent delivery is GREAT news! !!

Thank you , Diane!

Contribution from Diane Clement 12 December 2015, 20:09top / bottom of page

It wasn't a problem, many hands make light work!  And there was plenty of cake to keep up our strength.

Contribution from Chris McGregor 15 December 2015, 11:39top / bottom of page
Despatch of orders

As Diane reported the books arrived on Friday, 11 December and the staff worked late to make sure that all the books were packed and ready for despatch as quickly as possible. The overseas orders were collected yesterday (Monday, 14th) and the UK orders will go out today - this is because the postman did not have space on his van to take all the orders yesterday!

We hope you will enjoy the book when it arrives and may we wish all our members a very Happy Christmas.

Contribution from Margaret Young 15 December 2015, 12:56top / bottom of page

Well done for getting the books in the post  - for many of us this is  one of  the most eagerly awaited books for quite some time !   Merry Christmas !

Contribution from Jim McGregor 17 December 2015, 10:14top / bottom of page

The two staff at headquarters have worked really hard since this book arrived to get it out in time for Christmas (as well as hosting the seed exchange and organising the Posting of completed orders!). I thought you should see what was involved. Here is the book itself.


This is 25% of what came last Friday. The Palette was delivered in the early hours of the morning before the AGS centre or the college next door were open and it was left half a mile away at the college plant centre! Not happy! Fortunately the college lent the use of their fork lift truck. Fortunately the Seed Distribution team were on hand and helped to carry the boxes in.

A few of the books packed and ready for mailing. Each book is individually wrapped in bubble-wrap so that your Christmas present arrives in good condition.

Bags with the overseas orders (and some seed orders) ready for collection by the postman. Being Christmas, he had trouble getting them all into his vann!

Contribution from John Good 19 December 2015, 16:48top / bottom of page
It's what we have come to expect!

Because the ordering and distribution of books and seeds almost always proceeds so smoothly it is only too easy to forget how much dedication and hard work is required to ensure that this is the case. Thank you, Jim, for giving us some idea of the sort of problems that are met with and overcome by our indomitable HQ staff and those helpers who are always so willing to put a 'shift' in when required. I, and I'm sure many, many others, really appreciat their efforts and wish them all a good (=restful!) Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 

Contribution from John Fitzpatrick 21 December 2015, 12:48top / bottom of page
Honour for AGS book

I'm delighted to report that Oron Peri's Bulbs of the Eastern Mediterranean has been chosed by The Guardian newspaper as one of the best gardening books of 2015!

Contribution from John Fitzpatrick 21 December 2015, 17:10top / bottom of page

I did of course mean to write 'chosen' in the last post.

Contribution from Adrian Bliss 21 December 2015, 20:36top / bottom of page

Well done Pershore team and the post man.

My copy arrived this morning,I live in a rural area out side Christchurch (New Zealand.)

Thank you and compliments of the season to you all.

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