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AGS Publications Feedback: A Survey of the Genus Narcissus

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Started by: Jon Evans

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Anyone with more than a passing interest in Narcissus will remember Mike Salmon, who ran Monocot Nursery, specialising in bulbs of all kinds, for many years, and whose abiding primary interest was the genus Narcissus.  For something like 45 years, Mike has been preparing a book on the genus, “A Survey of the Genus Narcissus” which has now been published.

Having just returned from holiday, I haven’t had a chance for a detailed examination of my own copy, but I can add the following from a brief skim of the contents.

This is a large format (about A4), hefty volume, packed with useful information very attractively presented. A double page spread is allocated for each subspecies with additional pages as needed especially to show differences between subspecies. The double page includes a detailed botanical description of the species together with a map of where they have been found . He includes his collection numbers which can be matched against material available in cultivation, particularly from Kurt Vickery who took over most of the business.  Most striking of all are the beautiful botanical illustrations all done by Mike himself.

Not everyone will agree with Mike’s conclusions, but regardless of that the information in this volume is invaluable.

If anybody is interested they can obtain a copy from the AGS Bookshop at a discounted price of £42.00 for AGS members.


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