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Propagation (seed, cuttings, etc): Source of plastic square long toms

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Started by: Jack Meatcher

Often, articles and diaries state that the writer uses 10cm square plastic long toms for their obviously successful seed sowing and germination programmes. Where can I buy these pots in packs of, say, 20?

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Contribution from Margaret Young 07 December 2012, 21:57top / bottom of page

Hello Jack,

This company sells pots in fairly small quantities :

Teku Square Pots (V-PP) 9x9x10cm (Qty 100)

Ref : R-V91PP100 7.80

But I rather expect that if you can find a local nursery or keen grower they will be happy to let you have enough old pots for your needs.

All they'll need is a good wash and be ready to get you going on your seed sowing projects.

I know we have plenty such pots spare here and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find someone near to you willing to help out. Have you got a local group?

I know some folk who are able to access old pots free from their local re-cycling centre- worth a try , perhaps?

Certainly I would agree that 9cm, 10cm or 11cm square plastic pots make great seed pots.

Good Luck!

Maggi Young

Contribution from Jon Evans 08 December 2012, 08:44top / bottom of page

Hi Jack

I get my long square pots from Greens Horticulture, who do a variety of sizes as well as 10cm square x 17cm deep.

As well as the smaller pots for bulb seeds and growing on, I find the 6 litre and 11 litre sizes brilliant for large South African amaryllids which need plenty of root space (Brunsvigia, Haemanthus etc).

Contribution from Margaret Young 08 December 2012, 11:22top / bottom of page

That's a good source, Jon - useful to know of a firm that supplies smaller quantities, which is too often a problem for individual growers.

Bit tough to get anything other than tinsel at the average garden centre at the minute, that's for sure!- she said, suffering badly from "bah-humbug" syndrome!

Contribution from John Dixon 03 October 2014, 17:28top / bottom of page

By chance I found this website - - with some rather deep plastic pots, both square and round.

I've no idea what this supplier is like, and no doubt there are others supplying similar products, but if you need extra long pots these could be worth a try.

Contribution from Jack Meatcher 14 December 2015, 17:35top / bottom of page

Orchid Supplies are excellent. They even sell in quantities as small as 5 pots - although the P&P becomes disproportionate.

I'm about to top up my reserve with another 30 of the 10 x 10 x 210 size.


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