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Propagation (seed, cuttings, etc): Cyclamen seeds

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Started by: DIANA WHIMP

hints please on germinating cyclamen and seed planting

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hints please on germinating cyclamen and seed planting

Contribution from Diane Clement 18 April 2011, 08:48top / bottom of page
Sowing cyclamen

First soak the seed in warm water and a drop of washing up liquid and leave overnight. The next day sow the seed in 7cm (3") pots in a mixture of John Innes and grit which has been previously well soaked. Cover the seed with a thick layer of grit. If you can't get John Innes, then use any multi purpose compost, but do use a third grit in addition. You will get the fastest results in warm conditions indoors and by excluding the light by putting the pots in a box (something like a shoe box or biscuit tin will do). If you can do this you will get quicker germination, and several species will germinate in about a month. If not, put the pots outside in a place where they will not get direct sun. Once they have germinated and the first leaf has expanded, they can be put in a shady place in the garden (against a house wall facing north is ideal) where they will not dry out. Keep them damp but not too wet and an occasional liquid feed.

For detailed information and pictures on sowing Cyclamen seed, look at my diary entry on the following link:

Midland Diary Entry No 2 - Sowing Cyclamen

Contribution from Jack Meatcher 23 September 2012, 18:34top / bottom of page
Germinating cyclamen seed



I'm anything but an expert or even experienced with cyclamen seed but in my garden, C. hederifolium self sows and germinates in 20mm gravel. When I dig them out, they are always several inches down so Diane's comments about low light levels must be "on the button". Pleae note: I do nothing to encourage them to self sow or germinate.





Contribution from Helen Johnstone 23 September 2012, 19:02top / bottom of page

I have found cyclamen persicum easy to germinate. I just sowed them in gritty compost and popped them under the staging in the greenhouse and forgot about them. They germinated within months.

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