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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Virus?

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Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 17 May 2016, 07:55top / bottom of page
Does anyone know what would cause the problem I am having with my alpine house plants, especially dionysas. I have replaced the plunges, and sand, and thoroughly cleaned everywhere, but the problem is still flaring up, mainly in Spring.
Photo to explain my problem attached

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 17 May 2016, 08:50top / bottom of page

Hi Norman, your picture didn't make it! If you're having problems feel free to send me the picture by e-mail and I'll load it for you.



As I don't think you can add ana attachment if you click on my name please send to martin



Contribution from Jon Evans 17 May 2016, 12:04top / bottom of page

Here is the picture Norman and Lynn are having trouble posting.

Contribution from Martin Rogerson 17 May 2016, 12:09top / bottom of page

Not seen a virus do that, could it be sun scorch?

Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 17 May 2016, 19:23top / bottom of page
No it isn't sun scorch Martin, although I agree it looks like that. I have green mesh shading over the greenhouse from around April. My wife's greenhouse is very close to mine, but she doesn't get the problem.

Contribution from Paul Ranson 17 May 2016, 20:59top / bottom of page

Sorry to read this has reared its head again Norman. I agree with Martin that its scorch but this can be caused not only by sun but by under or overwatering. The tips are most susceptible since they are furthest from the roots. If too dry the tips can burn because not enough water is taken up to reach this extremity. If too wet, the roots can rot and the plant cannot take up enough water so again the part furthest from the roots suffers first. Are either of these scenarios possible?

Contribution from NORMAN JOBSON 18 May 2016, 08:36top / bottom of page

Thanks for the imput Paul, you may well be right, I have sent you an email with more information.  I omitted to say that 95% of the affected plants are in close proximity on the right-hand side of the greenhouse nearer to the mesh door than the far side.  Norman

Martin, thanks for the offer to upload my picture, but you will see that Jon has kindly done that for me.  We obviously have a problem with the browser on our adroid tablet, because the discussion page seems fine when we use the laptop.  Norman

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