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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Unknown species

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Started by: Gerard Versteegh

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Contribution from Gerard Versteegh 04 January 2018, 10:05top / bottom of page

I bought this species last year with the name provided on the label. However, on the internet the name is non existent and also the plant list or the catalogue of life have neither a record of this genus nor of the species name. Do you know what this is?

This how the plant came in - supposedly it belongs to the Compositae but I am not really sure of this either

Contribution from ian mcdonald 04 January 2018, 11:07top / bottom of page

Gerard, I think the name might be Pancheria.

Contribution from Diane Clement 04 January 2018, 19:16top / bottom of page

It might be Packera pauciflora - synonym Senecio pauciflorus

Contribution from Gerard Versteegh 05 January 2018, 12:13top / bottom of page

Hi Diane, 

Thanks a lot for your contribution. I considered this myself a while ago when looking for a name but rejected it largely on the basis of the pictures available for this species on the internet. You made me having a second look, including also the key for this genus and the species description in the e-flora of N America. The leaves of my plant are too small, with nearly always entire margins. Moreover, they are dark rather than light(er) green. However, there appears to be one leaf near the centre of the picture that shows lobes at the base and the leaves are rather stiff. Both latter properties agree with the description. I will tentatively use the name you suggested and see if the plant will produce the flowers needed to confirm (or reject) the name this year.

Hi Ian, thanks. I had a look at this genus yesterday but concluded that all the species are shrubs or trees - I will wait for the flowers.

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