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Problems with Cultivation and Identification: Unknown Paeonia JH1745 Kazakstan

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Started by: Eric Marsh

Unknown Paeonia JH1745 Kazakstan.

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Contribution from Eric Marsh 17 November 2010, 10:55top / bottom of page

Been asked if anyone can put a name to this Paeony from Kazahkstan. Only id is the number JH1745. Not even sure who JH might be.


Contribution from Gail Harland 21 November 2010, 10:42top / bottom of page

JH is probably Josef Halda - he wrote a book on peonies and collects and sells seed. Afraid I can't help with the species name though.

Contribution from Brian Whyer 21 November 2010, 18:39top / bottom of page

In the Josef Halda book he appears to identify collections by JJHyymmnnn numbers (e.g. JJH820815 for a P. veitchii) so this label id. is not in the same format.

Contribution from Diane Clement 22 November 2010, 08:49top / bottom of page

Although the format is not exactly as Brian says, I think this has got to be a Halda collection as the numbers often appear as 4 digits, presumably without the year. Halda has collected in Kazahkstan so it feels too much of a coincidence not to be Halda. Is there any more information about the plant? Halda has done work on the P anomala group in this region.

Contribution from Brian Whyer 22 November 2010, 18:32top / bottom of page

Looking through much of the Halda and Waddick book the 1st 2 digits are allways years from the 1960's to the 1990's, I can't see any later. The 3rd and 4th are months from January (01) to October (10), but after that there is no apparent consistancy as sometimes there are leading zeros, sometimes not. E.g. JJH920100036, JJH821037, JJH9008045, JJH90070015, JJH9007004. I guess you could ignore the date and the leading zeros but then I cannot find any subsequent numbers greater than 3 digits, and you would need to lose the 1 also.

Contribution from John Richards 23 November 2010, 09:25top / bottom of page
Paeonia anomala

I have asked Bob Mitchell who has a specialist interest in Paeonia about JJH1745 and copy his reply here.

'I have been though Halda and Widdick - The Genus Paeonia (2004 )and there is no mention of JJH1745.

I am fairly sure the Kazakhstan Paeonia is in the P. anomala group. (Sorry no italic key here.)

As you know the Paeonia taxonomy is confusing and frustrating.

In the 2004 revision by Hong and Pan in Annals Missouri Botanic Garden, Paeonia anomala now has three varieties: anomala, intermedia and veitchii.

But Paeonia intermedia has been given specific status by some. Paeonia hybrida is placed as a subspecies of Paeonia anomala by Halda (2004) with intermedia as a synonym. Confusion.

However whatever name you wish to use, Paeonia anomala, intermedia and hybrida do grow in Kazakhstan. Safest to simply say Paeonia anomala agg. - or is that the easy option out of a confusing taxonomic guddle!!

Paeonia anomala has a very widespread distribution spanning Europe (Ural Mountains) and Asia (Mongolia, Tian Shan Mountains, Altai and into adjacent Xinjiang Province in extreme west China).'

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